Chapter 73

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Rey walked to her aunt house and saw police cars in front of the house.

She walks inside and sees Mia talking to the cops and her aunt looks at Rey.

"Why would you do this why would you lie," Mia said.

"I didn't lie, Mia, I was upstairs and he tried to take advantage of me," Rey said.

"Lies Lies all lies he wouldn't do that" Mia said.

"He blinded you, Mia, I had to turn him in he been touching me and looking at me a way he shouldn't be, that counts as well when I was pregnant with Ben" Rey said.

"He would never do that," Mia said.

"Mia, please if you want me to leave I will leave but you can't cry over a guy who not worth it," Rey said.

"Mrs. We will leave now Mrs. Rey don't worry he in our hands now," The cop said.

Rey nods and waves. The shut the front door and Rey looks at her aunt.

"You said you will leave," Mia said." Mia, please" Rey said.

"No after everything I have done to you to help you, this is his you repay me," Mia said.

Rey nodes. "Fine I will leave but I hope one day you see the piece of shit you married," Rey said. She went upstairs and went to her room to pack up.

She packed three suitcases. One being her baby. She packs two big bags for the other.

Four suitcases. The one with her information and things from the other house. The other two is her cloth, and the other is her baby. The bags have everything else.

Rey grabs everything. Chad helping her bring the things down. Chad called a cab for her. Rey put her baby in a car seat and put it in the cab.

"Rey just know that I do believe you," Chad said." Thanks, Chad I have to go now please take care of Mia" Rey asked. He hugs her and Rey goes in the cab.

He drives away and Chad goes in his house. Rey looks out the window and at her baby. She kisses him and after a while, the car stops at her old house.

Rey gets off with her things and her baby. Once she put everything inside she looks around the house.

"It's a lot of things I have to sell," Rey said.

After a few months of selling and donating to charity and homeless shelters, the house was clear. With the help of her friends, they help repaint the house white. Also, get the house sold.

Rey was able to get enough money. Selling the house for five thousand dollars. After returning something as well to the stores she got money. The beds the couches the lambs, the TV. She got about three thousand dollars.

Donating to charity and homeless was soothing Rey didn't get money and she didn't mind. They need things. She trades some things to stores got about seven hundred dollars.

Selling her close that don't fit her and her dads she git four hundred dollars. Rey bought a car. She got an apartment. She got tickets to go to Tatooine.

"Rey I will take care of your son don't worry look I got everything under control," Rose said.

"Okay, I will be back," Rey said. "Bye baby I will be back I promise" Rey said. She kisses her son and leaves.

Rey puts her suitcase in the trunk and goes to the car seat." Please don't get a ticket for not having a license" Rey said to herself. She starts the car and drives to the airport.

After getting there leaving her car to be held there and getting on the plan she was ready.

"I'm coming grandfather," she said.

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