Chapter 50

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Rey woke up with strong arms around her. Rey smiled and sat up with the cover covering her exposed chest.

"No don't go" Kylo complain. Rey leans down. "We need to go to the other" Rey said.

"Not yet Rey" Kylo said. She lays down next to him and he kisses her forehead. "I'm going to miss this" Kylo said. "Me too," Rey said. Both kiss and they got carries away.

Rose got out of the tent and walked to the car to get food when she heard moaning and panting. She looks around. "It must be a dying dear" she said. She walks to the car and gets the food.

She walks back to the campsite and goes in her tent." Hey, Finn here I got orange juice and bread" Rose said.

"I'm so hungry," Finn said. Rose smiles and Finn pulls Rose to him and kisses her. He lays her down and both get carried away too.

"My worst nightmare," Poe said in his tent trying to go back to sleep, trying to cover his ear to not to listen to the moans.

After that few minutes, they all started to pack up to leave. Rey tried to bring her bag to the car and felt shirtless.

"Ben do you have my bra" she turns to him. "No," he said with a serious face but nodding. Rey frowns and he hands her the bra.

Rey smiles and walks away from him. He walks to the car and turns on the car. Rey put her bra on and Kylo starts to drive. After a few minutes of driving Kylo stops to get gas for the car.

Rey sits in the car when she sees her dad driving to the gas tank in front of them. Rey gets down and tries to see he saw her. Rey grabbed her phone and texted Kylo.

"My dad here". Kylo looks out the window and sees her dad he turns away and puts his hoodie on. "Okay, you could put gas now," the men behind the cash machine said.

Rey father walked in and Kylo walked to the back of the store. He slowly walks to the coffee machine next to the door when Rey dad walks toward the machine to get coffee. Kylo walks back and hides his face with a magazine.

Rey dad passed him and went to the front desk. Kylo walks away leaving the magazine and runs to the car. He sees rey hiding and puts the gas in his car.

"He coming," Rey said. "Just a few more seconds," Kylo said. It was done he put the wire back on the tank and walked to his car. He started to drive but almost ran over Rey father.

Rey puts her hair on her face and grabs the blanket she has to cover her."ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE I COULD HAVE GOT KILLED YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE YOU PISS OF SHIT"  he yelled.

Kylo tries to hide his face. Rey dad went in his car and driver away. Kylo starred the car and driver Rey home.

"Bye Ben," Rey said. Kylo kisses her." I love you". "I love you more," Rey said. Both of them kiss and Rey got out of the car.

She walked to her house and walked to her room. After unpacking she went back down to clean the house. Sweeping, mopping, cleaning the glass cabinets, the dishes. Clearing the Chinese take out from the table. Cleaning the couch. Every clothing she found butting it in the laundry basket.

She opens the fridge. No food she goes to the saving jar and pulls $70 to go out for food. The I wasn't far from them. After getting good she walked home and when she walked in she put all the food in the fridge.

She walked to her dad's room and starts to clean there too. First, bring down her father dirty plates, wishing them then walks back upstairs to change his dad bed sheets, cleaning the floor, putting all the clothing in the laundry basket.

Then she was done. Now the bathroom.

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