Chapter 21

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It has been 3 months since school started. Rey has been abused throughout that time and Kylo trying to control his madness, he never really learn to.

But that night Rey was taken to the hospital. She had to get a cast for her left leg.

"Ben honestly I'm fine," Rey said. Kylo was feeding Rey soup. She took another sip.

Kylo put her hair behind her ear. "He made your nosebleed and he broke your leg," he said.

"Ben, please I promise I am fine," she said.

"I'm not leaving you here, I rather do badly at school than to leave you," Kylo said.

He kissed her for a few seconds before pulling away. "Where your dad"?

"He working he won't come promise," she said.

Her aunt Mia ran into the room." Sweetie, I saw your father outside you have to leave now Kylo" she said.

"Why he here," Rey asked." I don't know why I saw him say goodbye to Kylo hurry" Mia said.

Kylo kissed Rey on the lips and her forehead." Bye Rey" he said.

He ran out of the room." He is a dream" Mia said.

Rey smiled and nods. "He really is". Her dad walked into the room and saw Mia." Why are you here" he said.

"Taking care of my niece since you can't," she said.

"Whatever I came to leave the pay, you know I had to miss lunch and in order to get this check I had to work two more hours tonight I hope you are happy," he said to Rey. And he left.

"Rey I talk to the doctor and said you need crunches for a month and I'm you will be leaving to two days," Mia said.

Rey smiled. Mia left and Rey falls asleep.  It made Rey feel so comfy. The days pass by and Rey was ready to leave the hospital.

She grabbed her things and her crunches and tried to walk out of her room. She made it out and her aunt and dad were waiting for her.

She tried to walk to the doctor." Okay she will be wearing that cast for a month so those crunches you'll be needing to walk and if there is anything you need call me okay here my number" the doctor said.

Rey grabbed the card and smiled "thank you so much'". Rey father started to walk to the good and held it for Rey to walk past.

Mia walked with them to the car. She helps Rey in the car and fit her crunches in." Okay, you need anything call me okay" she said.

"Bye aunt Mia," Rey said. She kissed her forehead and close the door. Rey father drives away.

Rey sat there looking away from. "What just because I broke your leg you won't talk to me," he said.

Rey looked at him." No other things too" she said.

He laughed." Come on your funny what I can't have fun, I need pleasure all those strippers can please" he said.

Rey rolled her eyes, she knows he doesn't want to bring up him hitting her.

Rey looked out the window and tried to avoid eye contact with her father. She wanted to go him so she can speak to Kylo.

All she wanted was his love. She loves him.

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