Chapter 43

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Rey walked into her house where she finds her dad sleeping on the couch with a bottle in his hand.

She slowly went upstairs and closed the door. When she got upstairs she started to think. Should she forgive Kylo? Rey doesn't even know what to forgive him for nothing happen.

She heard footsteps to her door and saw her dad open the door. She sat up on her bed and looks at him." When did you come home" he said.

"Not too long ago," Rey said. She looks away for a few and looks back.

"Do you know I am sick right?" he said. Rey looks at him and nodes "yeah I do".

"So you wouldn't mind making me food right," he said. Rey shook her head "no I go make it right now" she said. She walked towards the door but he grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall.

"You think I'm a fool," he said grabbing her chin.

"No I don't," she said. He digs his nails in her face.

"Yes you do that why you say terrible things to me," he said.

"No your the one who is the fool hitting his child," Rey said. He let go of her.

He looked at her in madness and slapped her making her fall on the ground.

"Get out now I don't want to see you right now" he yelled. Rey looks at him and started to run downstairs and out of the house. She ran and ran and didn't stop till she got to Rose house but before knocking she stares at the door.

She shook her head and runs away from the house and knows where to go only places she could go.

Kylo was going upstairs when the door was nocked. " I'll get it," he said.

When he opens the door Rey hugged him crying. He hugged her back looks down at her.

"Kylo who was it," Leia asked. "No one just a group of kids playing ding dong ditch," Kylo said.

He closed the door and took Rey upstairs. Both of them sat on the bed and Kylo still holding Rey.  He ran his hand through her hair.

"Tell me Rey, what happened," Kylo said. Rey pulled away sniffling. "My dad just doesn't get it, he thinks I'm the fool," Rey said.

"What is he crazy," Kylo said.  "Yes so I told him he the fool and he attack me and told me to leave for the night so I came here," Rey said.

He looked at her face "yeah you need to heal that wound in your upper right cheek it just a cut don't worry".

Rey nodes. She turns to see his bathroom " I'm going to shower" Rey said. Kylo looks at her as she gets up and he gets up too.

"I'm here a towel," he said giving it to her. She took it and walked to the bathroom. She closes the door a little and it was just peak that was open.

She pulled her shirt over her head and pulled her pants and underwear down. She didn't have a bra on so that was done.

She closes the curtain and turns the water on. Kylo walked in the shower " I have some clothes you can borrow". He put it down and about to walk out but stop and looked at shower.

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