Chapter 39

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Rey sat at the back of the bus crying. Rose put her hand in her shoulder and looks at Finn and Poe.

Emma walks in the bus and sees Rey. She frowns and sits down. Was she regretting everything that she did? Kylo was never going to go back with her.

Kylo walked in and sat in the front trying to forget what happened. Rey tries to ignore it and write it down in a journal she has.

Rey was writing a journal about her and her life. Just writing it down just in case she ever had a job offer.

Rose reads what she writes and smiles." One day people will hear your story" Rose said.

Rey smiles and continues to write. After 4 hours on the bus, they stop at a food festival so the kids could eat.

Rey was eating a double bacon cheeseburger, two double bacon cheeseburger with her chicken tenders and fries and a soda. She sits next to Rose.

"You really are hungry," Rose said. She laughs and continues to eat her chicken and rice with beans and salad.

After eating they all go back to the bus and they were on there way home.

Once the got to school they all went home. Rey walked in her house and her father was doing paperwork at the table.

He looks up at her." Hello Rey" he said.

"Hi dad," she said. He walks to her she looks at him. He slaps her." It has been a while Rey" he said.

He pulled her up and slammed her to the wall. She was afraid. He slaps her and punches her. She looks at him.

He kicked her in the stomach and threw her over the couch. She hit the coffee table and it made her forehead to bleed.

She looks at her dad walking to her and she tries to crawl away but he grabs her by the leg and drags her to him. Rey tried to get away and screaming.

Her father hit her with everything he got. After her father was done she walked to her room and lay on her bed. The blood going down her nose and head had dry. She fell asleep and let everything behind.

Kylo feels Rey hurt. He loves Rey. He wants her to be happy, all he wants is to take her out of the house she lives in and pull her to a huge and never let go of her.

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