Chapter 86

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A week passed since Kylo left the hospital. He was all better and he was going to Coruscant to see Rey and his baby.

As the plane landed Poe and Kylo got ready to leave the plane. Once they did they ran pass many people to catch a cab. Now they are just sitting in the cab waiting.

"Okay Kylo you could stay in my house if you want," Poe said.

"Thanks, I'm so nerves," Kylo said." Yeah, I get it just relax and just breathe" Poe said.

"Okay," Kylo said. He looks out the window and looks at the home town he hasn't seen in a while.

Rey was changing her baby pamper. Once she finished she grab her baby and started to carry him." Hi, baby hi baby hi baby how are you doing, you're doing good okay" Rey said.

She kisses her baby head." Your milk must be ready" Rey said. She was about to walk out of the room when her phone rang. She walked back and answered it.

"Hello," she said." Rey it Ben". Rey eyes open wide." Ben what happened" Rey asked.

"Don't get scared but I'm outside your apartment," he said. "What".

Rey walked to the window and open a bit. Kylo looked up and waved.

"Come in," Rey said. Kylo started to run to get the building. As he did Rey walked to the door smiling. She put down her baby in the crib in the living room.

She opens the door and sees Kylo standing there. Rey smiles." What see you doing here" Rey asked.

"Poe told me you'd lived here, where my son," Kylo asked. Rey looks at him. She walks him in the house.

Kylo looks around the house." It's nice" he said. Rey smiles and sighs "yeah we just moved in," Rey said.

Rey turns to look at him. Kylo walks toward her and looks down at her. He touches her cheek. Rey closed her eyes and lays her head on his hand.

Rey breathes in and out. She shakes her head and opens her eyes." I have to get Ben milk" Rey said. She walks away to the kitchen and Kylo stand there.

Baby Ben giggled and Kylo turns his head to his son. Kylo walks to the crib and sees his son awake with his eyes wide open.

Kylo smiles and grabs the little baby. He sits down on the couch and looks at the baby eyes. "Hi Ben my name is Ben, your the baby though," He said.

Kylo looks at the little person." And I'm your father". Kylo touches her little check and kisses his forehead. Rey walks in and smiles.

Rey walks to Kylo and put the bottle of the coffee table. Kypo looks at Rey." You want to feed him" Rey asked.

"Yeah yeah I do," Kylo said. Rey smiles and sits next to him. Kylo grabs the milk and the baby started to drink. Rey smiles. She looks up at Kylo. Kylo looks at Rey.

Both eyes are just locked to each other. "I love you," Kylo said. "I know," Rey said. Rey looks back at her baby and puts her hand on his. Kylo looks down and looks back at his son.

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