Chapter 75

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Rey already types to chapter 10. But it was almost landing times so she packs the things.

After the plane landed she walked out of the airport and she took a cab to her grandfather.

After the drive, Rey grabs her things and walked through the neighborhood. She looks around. It was hot there. Rey starts to ask people if they know her grandfather.

They would ignore her or some would say the didn't know him. Rey walks around the unknown place. She was very confused. She didn't know the place and she lost.

A few people saw her and walked up to her. The look at her bag and suitcase. They walk closer and closer. One pulls Rey and pushes her on the ground. Rey looks at them and she grabs her suitcase before the could take it.

"Let it go Ms. You don't want to die" the boy said. Rey got up and started to walk away." Okay get her" he said.

One of them grabs her and Rey start to screaming asking for help. Rey would be let go of the suitcase she wouldn't. Rey screams and screams.

"Let go of me Help" Rey yells. Rey bits the man and kicks him to the ground. She gets slap by one bit she karate chop them with her arms making him fall to the ground with pain.

Forgetting there another one in the back he pushes her down on the ground and pulls his knife. Eye crawls back and keeps the bag with her.

He was about to stab when a pair of hands grab his." Hello there".

He looks at the old man with the rob on." Now, what if I say I won't tell your parents about this if you leave her alone" the men said.

Rey looks at the boy who was about to kill her. He runs away and the old men look down at Rey.

He bends down and helps her up. Rey grabs her things." Thank you, sir" Rey said.

"No I have done this before," He said. He took the hood off." Come on Ms. You don't want to stay here when they wake up" he said.

"I don't know you," Rey said." Yes, my is Ben Kenobi" he said. "So many Bens in my life already," Rey said.

He looks at her." I had a boyfriend named Ben and I named my son Ben after him" Rey said.

"Okay let's go," he said. Rey follows him to a nice little home. She looks around as he served some drinks. Rey looks at the photos on the wall and sees a little girl.

That little girl was her. Rey turns to the Obi-Wan.

"Here drink some water it very hot right now," he said."Could I ask you something, is the girl in the picture your granddaughter" Rey asked.

He looks at the picture." Many years my daughter in law died, she had cancer and she got ran over she died and my granddaughter stay with her father" he said.

"What was the little girl name," Rey asked." You ask too much and you didn't tell me your name" He said.

"My name is Rey Kenobi," she said. He looks at her. "Rey," he said. Rey looks at him. She stands up walks to him and goes on her knees in front of him.

He looks at her face then her eyes." Rey little Rey" he said.

Rey nodes and gets up. He looks at her and she has him slowly. He couldn't believe what was happening. He just hugged her.

"Rey is this really you," he asked." Yes yes, it is me" Rey answered.

He smiles and pulls away to look at her." Wow look how much you have grown so beautiful" he said. Rey smiles and sits on a chair next to him.

"So what happening Rey, what going on back in Coruscant," he asked.

"Well, my dads used to hit me, I meet a boy, we ended up falling in love, his ex-girlfriend tried to get up apart, it worked, the thought they had sex but no the just passed out from being drunk, he tried to say sorry and hide things it didn't last lone, I found out left him my life went back to hell, found out nothing happened got back to together the same night we had our first time continue to have love, his dad got a job in Alderaan, he moved away decide to move on, found out I was pregnant Kylo is Ben, my guy, um Ben ex-girlfriend help me find out I was pregnant, we became great friends, told my dad he asked me to call the police for him and he went to jail, went to leave with my aunt, her husband was a freak, gave birth Mia husband tried to rape me send him to jail, I am starting my career and raising my baby and I got an apartment, I'm trying to find Ben again to tell him about our baby but something up he doesn't answer and now I'm here, so everything is going fine for now" Rey said.

"It's a rollercoaster over there for you right," he said. Rey nodes." I went to visit my dad, he said to find you".

"You did Rey, so you are a mother He asked. Rey nodes." I named him Ben after his father, he at home with my friend" Reh said.

"I will like to meet him," Obi-Wan said.

" You could Grandfather Kenobi," Rey said." How he not here" He said." You could move to Coruscant" Rey said.

He looks at her." Move over there, I have a great home here" Obi-Wan said. Then something falls off from the wall. "Okay yeah maybe my house is not all that but what am I going to do over there" Obi-Wan ask.

"Meet my baby and help me rise him my life over there and do you really want to spend the rest of your life here too," Rey asked.

He looks around. What life does he have there he asked himself. He had a family he wanted for so long but wasn't there because he was far away, that was his chance.

"What could say, you convince me well my young friend," he said. Rey smiles and holds his hand." Am I going to pack myself" he asked.

"No," Rey said. They both get up and started tk pack things.

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