Chapter 87

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It's been two months since Ben was born and Kylo went back to Alderaan with Rey and his son so they can introduce him to Leia and Han.

Leia opens the door and saw Rey with the baby. "Hi Rey oh my God this is Ben, oh he beautiful," Leia said.

Leia grabs the baby and hug Rey and hugged Kylo. "Hi, Rey" Han said. He hugs her and then hugs Kylo.

"Han would you come over here and see your grandson he so beautiful," Leia said. Han walks to Leia. "Oh my God, he looks like Ben when he was a baby," Han said.

Rey smiles and sits down on a couch. "Yeah, here Han hold him I bring the photo book," Leia said. She ran to the cabinet and took out the book. She ran back and sat down. She opens the book and looks through it.

"Here this is Ben when he was a baby," Leia said.

Rey smiles "wow the same face"." And the same ear" Han said. Rey smiles and looks at Kylo. Kylo smiles and looks at his parents.

After spending four hours they went to Kylo apartment. "Here it is," Kylo said.

Rey didn't believe her eyes. She looks around and still couldn't believe it. She looks at Kylo. "Holy crap".

"Yeah right, now I will take him and take him to his room while you go to your room and unpack your things," Kylo said.

He took the baby and walk away to the couch. Rey smiles and walks to her room. She unpacks some clothes and put them in the drawer.  She sits on her bed and looks around the room.

Kylo walks and the baby sleeping." He fell asleep" Kylo said. He walked to the crib and put him inside. He laid on the crib peaceful. Like a little baby angel. Kylo looks at Rey sitting on the bed.

"Hey you want to order Chinnies or a pizza," Kylo asked." Burgers" Rey said.

They walked out of the room and walked downstairs to order. The food finally came and Rey was the first to eat.

"Burger and milkshake, like in high school, why can't we just be kids again," Kylo said. Rey laughs as she bits her burger and tries to not to spit it out.

Kylo laughs too. The room was filled with laughter.  "Here clean your self up," Kylo said.

Rey took the paper and cleaned her mouth." Kylo we are still 19 years old" Rey said. "I know but we have a son, doesn't that mean we old" Kylo said.

"Nooo," Rey said. Kylo laughs. Rey smiles and looks at her burger." I missed your smile" Kylo said.

Rey looks at him and her smile fades. "I'm going to the bathroom," Rey said. Rey got up and went to the bathroom.

She walks in the room and gasp." My goodness, this is huge". She smiles and then does her business. Rey washed her hands once she was done and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Oh Ben, please be the same from before don't let this richness get your head," Rey said.

She walks to the door and walks out.

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