Chapter 79

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Kylo sat down on his bed and trying to get the fact he a father.

He ran his finger through his hair and down his beard

" How did this happen I mean I know it happened but what made her .......................................................... I didn't use a condom" Kylo finally figure it out.

Kylo started to think about what to do. His career just started, his mother and father will freak out, he hasn't seen Rey in a long time, how could he start a new relationship with her after all that been happening and he has to meet his child.

"My child my child," he said. He smiles." My child". "I don't know if your a boy or a girl, hope you're a girl but whatever you are I meet you soon" Kylo prayed.

But his happiness faded away when he realized he needed to tell his parents and worst Snoke.

He quickly got dressed and ran to his car. As he drove, he just thought how was Rey able to do this.

He missed her. He loves her. He already loves his child. He wants to be there for his child and for Rey. But he missed his first child delivery, he wasn't there for Rey when she needed him, it made him feel weak.

He didn't even notice that he was already at his parent's house from all the thinking. He parked the car and got put.

He walked to the door and knock on the door. Leia walked to the door and saw Kylo.

"Hi, Mom we need to talk," Kylo said.

She let him in. "What is it Kylo," Leia asked." Where Dad we need to talk its important" Kylo said.

"HAN HAN" Leia called. Han walked in the room "son hi what are you doing here" Han asked.

"Sit please we need to talk its important" Kylo said. They sit and look at him.

"Okay, do you guys remember Rey" Kylo asked." How could we forget her" Leia said." Yeah she very important to me" Han said.

"I need to go back to Coruscant its a must," Kylo said. They look at him." I can't forget her special now after what Luke told me" Kylo said.

"What did Luke say," Leia asked.

"Mom, Dad Rey had a child of mine a no the ago," Kylo said.

Leia looked at his son with shocked. Han put his head down. "Oh God Kylo, why-why just give me an explanation why would you have sex in your age," Han asked.

He got up and walked to Kylo." Dad look we weren't thinking okay our first time was the night we got back together although I don't know if it was our first time that made her pregnant or it was the other times we......."," okay okay there was more than one" Leia yelled.

"Mom, we didn't have time for each other we wanted to show our love" Kylo yelled.

" There other ways to Kylo Rey spent 9 months pregnant and a month as a single mother to a child, how do you think her parents are with this" Han yelled.

"Her mom died when she was three and her dad was abusive to her for her whole life Dad," Kylo said.

Han looks at him and to Leia." What" Leia said." Her dad has been hitting her for her whole life for a year I made her feel different, happy, I don't even know if she still with her dad or what else but if she is I have to go to her" Kylo said.

"You have Kylo are grounded," Han said." Okay fine, but I have to go to her" Kylo said. He started to walk away.

"Wait for one-second Kylo," Leia said. He looks at his other. "Does Snoke knows?" Leia asked.

"No, I'm planning to tell him after I find Rey," Kylo said. He walked out of that house and went in his car. He started the car.

He started to drive and got to his house. He ran in and grab a suitcase. He grabs a bunch of cloth and a few pair of shoes. He grabs his passport and a bunch of money he grabs his phone charger and headphones. Other stuff.

He grabs his key closed the door and ran to the car. He started the car. He drove to the airport. He was driving fast that he passes through many cars.

He didn't stop till he felt his car get hit by another and the car started to roll and roll. He slowly closed his eyes.

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