Chapter 35

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Kylo got detention for the whole week. Poe only had to write a paper for a book he read being WAR AND PEACE. And that a fucking long book.

"He left you bad" Rey said to Poe. Poe nodes.

"It wasn't his fault though Rey I should have never said what I said to him," Poe said.

"Hey, he should have never punched you either way," Rey said.

"Rey, it was about you what happened back there it was about you," Poe said.

Rey looks at him." He was afraid I was going to steal you from him" Poe said.

"Poe don't listen to him," Rey said. Poe nodes.

Rose came out with Finn." Okay, guys next week we have the trio to Naboo so we are going to buy the snack coming" Rose asked.

Rey got up and walked with them and Poe followed them.

Emma sat in her bed trying to remember what happened the night she had sex with Kylo.

She remembers she was drunk and she got a little out of control, while she can't say that she went of control a lot.

Was it weird that the only thing she remembers was that they both pulling their cloth off and nothing else, it like she passed out during that time.

Emma heard her mother tell at her father. Finding out her dad lost his job and been going to casinos to win money or to lose it.

She upstairs trying to find out what happened. After finding out the most horrible news in the hospital she felt that it was her punishment for being a total bitch.

How could you blame? Besides her parents not giving her enough attention. She walks to her closet and starts packing for the trip.

Rey walks in her room and tries to do her homework. Once she did, what a miracle, she tries to go to sleep. But starts crying.

She remembers Kylo. He smiles, his eyes, his nose, his lips, and his ears. She misses all. She just wishes everything didn't happen.

All the plans they had before he left is gone and the trip. "Shit" Rey said.

She doesn't even feel like going but she paid for it so she had to go.

She starts packing and stops before she cries again.

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