Chapter 24

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Rey sat on the chair as Poe tried to find which projected they should do.

Poe looked at Rey as she was thinking, and all he thought was how beautiful she was.

"Did you think of anything for the project?" he said. She looked at him.

"I wasn't thinking about the project I was thinking of Kylo and Emma should I be worried," Rey said.

"No Kylo loves you he would never do anything to hurt you, he would never do something to hurt you," he said.

"Your right I should have faith in him but know Emma going to do something to break us apart," Rey said.

"Trust him," Poe said. Rey nods and tries to focus on her work.

Emma looked at Kylo he putting a bookshelf in between them so she couldn't touch him or even come near him.

Emma rolled her eyes." Kylo this is 40% of our grade why don't we start" she said.

"Okay okay you stay in your side and I stay in mine," Kylo said.

Emma puts her thumbs up. Kylo knows she didn't mean it. Emma tried to search for her book.

She forgot it. "I forgot my book," she said. Kylo looked at her." I swear I didn't plan this" she said.

"Okay, we share," Kylo said. Emma moved to him and looked at the book. "So we try to do a project on the budget on a celebration," she said.

"Yes what do you want a baby shower, awake party, sweet 16, wedding, engagement party, baby needs," Kylo said.

"Baby needs," Emma said. Kylo puts a check on the box next to baby needs.

Emma looks at Kylo she thinks he looks handsome with the beard." Don't look at me like that only Rey can look at me like that you are not Rey" he said.

Emma rolled her eyes and wrote down what the need.

Rey looked out the window of her room. After deciding what project to do with Poe she left to go home before her dad came.

Kylo looked out his window. Emma left an hour ago. He stood there and pulled out his keychain." Rey, Rey" he said.

He was deeply in love with her. Rey closed her eyes as she thought of Kylo. Rey never had cared about someone with all her heart. Well besides Rose.

But it was different with Kylo. It like he was the air she breathes. Kyle felt the same. Rey was Kylo treasure.

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