Chapter 89

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Kylo walked to Snoke office ready to ask him if he could be with Rey.

He knocks on the door and walks back and forth. Kylo hoped he could be with Rey, with his son. His life change ever since he met Rey. The first time the spoke to each other. Rey was his light from his darkness.

Smoke open the door and saw Kylo standing there. "Hey, Snoke we need to talk" Kylo asked.

"Come in, please Ren" Snoke said. Kylo walked in the room and sits down on the chair.

"What is it," Snoke asked. "Well first thing first, there a girl her name Rey and we had a baby," Kylo said.

Snoke looked at Kylo and started to laugh. Kylo looks at him seriously and Snoke stops laughing noticing Kylo was telling the truth.

"Ten this goes against your contract when you sign with me," Snoke said.

"I know but my son, my family, please I am asking that I could be with them," Kylo asked.

"No, you signed a contract it can't be broken like that" Snoke stated to Kylo. "I know I know buts it's my family please let me be with them," Kylo said.

"Kylo, please it will make you weak, try to focus on your career if you do more money," Snoke said.

Kylo looks at his hand." I love Rey I had since high school and I met my son and I love him and Rey unconditionally".

Snoke shakes his head." Ren shut up I don't want you to ruin my team because of your love".

"Snoke I need to be with them, they won't affect my career," Kylo said.

"Child that what going to ruin your career," Snoke said.

Kylo looks at him. He wants to be in the team and be with Rey and his son. What could he do he thought?" Look, Ren, your child would want you to be there for him all the time and just bother you, your girl Rey she wants you to be there for her and if you have another baby than more interfere in your career" Snoke said.

Kylo looks at him." What are you saying" Kylo asked?

"I let you be with your girl and family, in one condition," Snoke said. Kylo looks at Snoke." What is it I'm all ears" Kylo said.

Kylo looks at Snoke." The only way is that you and that Rey don't have any more children".

Kylo stands up. He looks at Snoke." What" Kylo said.

"No more kids just that child you have is enough," Snoke said.

Kylo looks at the floor." There no other way". Snoke shakes his head.

"Now go talk to your girl and tell her this is the only way," Snoke said.

Kylo walked away from the office and walked away furiously. Kylo got on his car. He started to yell and punch the steering wheel.

He ran his hands through his hair and sighs. He starts the car and drives to his apartment.

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