Chapter 72

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Rey waited for her dad at the table. She looks down at her baby and smiles and looks up to sees her dad walking.

Rey smiles and hugs him." Hey," he said. He felt a little person in between their hug and looks down.

"The baby," he said." Yeah, he here" Rey said. They both sat down and her father looks at the little baby.

"He looks nothing like us," He said." He looks like his father" Rey said. Rey father looks to his daughter. "Does he know yet?" he said.

"No, Poe tried to call him when the baby was born but he didn't answer the phone was canceled so we are trying to find another way to reach him," Rey said.

"Is there any family members here that could reach him?" He asked.

"Luke". He looks at her." He was my doctor and he is Bens uncle" Rey said.

"Talk to him then," he said. Rey nods. She looks down and looks at her son." What wrong something happened" he asked.

"Mia husband Zac tried to take advantage of me today now I don't know how to tell her, my son was there when he tried to do that, that was embarrassing," Rey said.

"You need to tell on him than, go tk the cops and tell them it was an attempt of sexual harassment because it was an attempt," He said.

Rey looks at him." Where can I go then" Rey asked?

"Did you move out of the house already" He asked. Rey shook her head." I need to pack everything still" Rey said.

"Okay go to my room I have the address of your grandfather Obi-Wan Kenobi," He said.

Rey looks at him." Rey, he is your last hope, he will help you" He said. Reg nods.

Rey hugs him and leaves but before leaving the department she went to demand Zac.

Rey then walked to the house. Poe left after dropping her off. Rey looks at the door and walked in she goes to her father room and looks for the papers.

"Where are you," she said. She put her baby down on the bed surrounding him with pillows to make sure he doesn't fall and starts to look for the damn paper.

She looks under the bed and sees a box. She grabs it and opens it. She sees her birth certificate, medical papers passport everything. Rey looks through the box and finds a folder.

She opens it and sees a letter. Few letters.

She opens one and sees the letter of her mother.

Dear Rey,

   What can I say? You are everything for me. Your father was my first love but after meeting you I was mistaken because you were my first love. Those eyes. When I first saw them I realized how much I loved you. I'm dying. I have cancer. Who knows if I will die. Rey, I hope one day you find this letter and say one thing, that you will be strong no matter what. You make your dreams come true and that you become successful enough to bring you the family name Kenobi. And I hope you find that true love of yours. I had now I hope the same for you.

From Anna Kenobi.

Rey wipes her tears. She sees another letter.

Dear Rey,

I in the hospital I got ran over I heard the doctors. I can't fight anymore. But I know one thing I will watch you and fight with you. I let go of my madness, the suffering I had felt through my whole time being sick. I want you to know that when you are older go to my lawyer Maz Kanta and send this letter to her. She will give you money. It's my will. Every money that I had worked for and saved was for you. I would do anything in the world to be with you. Maybe even if you have a grandchild I would meet that baby and I could carry him in my arms. Meet your love and have a family. I had already. It's your turn. You deserve to be happy.

Anna Kenobi

Rey smiles. She knows how much her mother loved her. It made her feel happy.  She saw a photo of her mom and dad and her. She cried. "I won't disappoint you, mom, I promise" Rey said.

She looks through the box and sees her grandfather name.

She opens the letter and reads through it.

Dear Matt,

My son. I am sorry about Anna but this is the madness I warned you about. You abuse your daughter in front of me. If you ever feel sorry do the right thing and send her to me. I love that little girl like she was my daughter. She is my granddaughter but do not hurt her. She went through enough. Whatever she needs I'm here. I don't care if she comes to me when she 40 years old I would take care of her. I don't care about anything if she 40 or she had a child or she a wanted criminal I will take her. To give her the love she needs.

Rey if you find this letter one day come live with me. Please, I live in Tatooine. It's not much of a place but please. You have always been a reason I live. And the reason to live is a reason to die. Please. Tatooine, high hills avenue.

From Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Rey looks at the letter. "Reason to live is a reason to die.......... Tatooine, well I want to meet you again".

Rey gets up and grabs a suitcase. She grabs the box and put it inside. She goes to her room and grabs something of her. She grabs a picture and puts it in the bag.

She grabs her baby." You are my reason to live and die" she said. She goes down the stairs and out of the house.

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