Chapter 41

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Kylo was in his car and decide to call his mom to tell her he still a virgin and that nothing happened between him and Emma.

"Hey, mom".

"Hey Kylo what do you want," she asked.

"Mom I know you're mad at me but you don't have to anymore because there something I have to tell you," Kylo said.

"What could you possibly say to not punish you anymore," Leia said.

"I'm still a virgin me and Emma didn't have sex," Kylo said.

She was speechless happy but couldn't believe him easily." Have proof" she asked.

"We check Teddy cameras and nothing happened mom, I'm a virgin," he said.

"WELL, THAT AMAZING," she said.

"That I'm a virgin," Kylo asked.

"No, that your first wasn't with Emma, that was my worst nightmare okay your not grounded anymore," she said and hang up the phone.

"That went better than I thought," Kylo said.

He just wanted to tell Rey already and be hers for the time they have.

Rey was in the bathroom in a tube crying. The warm water helped her muscles to stop being sore. She was crying because she still believed that Kylo slept with Emma. She cried because of the pain that her own father gave her making her bleed. She made herself believe she would never be able to leave that hell hole she lived in.

After a while, Rey got out of the water and change to warm clothing. She tried to go to sleep till the next day arrived.


Rey woke up and walked to her drawer to get dress. She put on some long sleeve shirt and pants and grabbed her bag to leave.

She walked to the door to exit the house right after she checked if her dad was there. Once she left she walked to the school by herself. The young girl pass by houses where she could see happy families with their pets. She seems happy for them and hopes no one in those houses was suffering the way she was.

As she walked into school, she saw Finn, Poe, and Rose talking to Kylo. Rey stopped and saw how they were smiling. Rey was surprised and walked away.

"Well it nice that nothing happened with you and Emma but um how are you going to tell Rey, she would probably shout you out," Rose said.

"I hope not I want to be with Rey and Rey is just so heartbroken right now that I'm scared," Kylo said.

"Talk to her," Finn said. Kylo looks at Poe and pulls his hand out " sorry dude I shouldn't have said those things before and beat you up like that".

Poe shakes his hand and Poe nodes. "I have to go find Rey," Kylo said. Kylo left and went off to find Rey. He hopes she forgives him.

When Kylo sees Rey be her locker he walks to her.

"Rey hey, how you doing," he said. Rey turns around and looks at him.

"Non de vos affaires but if you don't understand none of your business" Rey said. She turns to close her locker and walks away but before she got a chance Kylo grabbed her hand. She turns to him.

"Rey can we talk please," he says. "Why," Rey said.

"I need to tell you something," he says." Okay" Rey said.

He was about to speak till he saw a red mark on her had and her bottom lip that had a small cut.

"Rey did you dad hit you," Kylo asked. "Yes he did is that what you wanted to tell me that I was hit fine see you in class" Rey said walking away.

"Rey" he yelled she kept walking. He looks down and the bell rings. He stands their single like a pringle.

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