Chapter 26

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Severely weeks since Rey got a job. Their projects where almost due. Emma plan got closer and closer. Very close actually it here.

Rey was being carried by Kylo bridal style to class. That made all the other couples in school jealous since they where the cutes couple in school.

People where actually surprise that they never exactly had sex but they understand why.

Rose turns to Finn." Why don't you do that same for me".

Finn turns to her. He bends down and puts her on his shoulder. "I like my view," Rose said." Me too" Finn said.

Rey was put down by Kylo and Finn walked in with Rose. Poe walks in "oh love is flying in the air baaaah" he said

"Somone needs a girlfriend," Rose said.

Emma walked in with her friends. Teddy walked in "hey guys today the football game the afterparty my house" he said.

"Rey coming," Kylo asked. Rey nodes. "Okay know the rule slutty style," Teddy said.

"Oh dear," Rey said. "Hey, I'm not putting my girl in that place dressing as that" Kylo said.

"Rey you could borrow my cloth," Rose said. "Of course," Rey said.

The school day ended and the game started. Emma in the cheer team cheering all she wants. Rey just sitting in the bleachers with Rose and eating popcorn.

"Your okay Rey" Rose asked.

"Ben wants as to have relationships," Rey said.

"Then why haven't you, " Rose asked.

"I'm not ready when I'm am I tell him I just want him to know I love him," Rey said.

"You do with all those sweet kisses," Rose said. Rey smiled and the game started.

When their school time came out Reu got up and cheer. Kylo looked up at Rey and winked at her.

The game begins and Kylo catches the ball and started to run the pass the ball to Teddy and Teddy pass the ball to Finn and made a score.

Rey and Rose screamed." That my men right there" Rose yelled.

The game went fast. They were finally almost finished. The teams were tied. After making a score and being tickled, Omar broke his arm and left.

Kylo had one more chance to win. That day they were collaged scots. He doing this for Omar too. He catches the ball and runs a straight to the goal (for those who know football correct me because I don't know shit).

Kylo was there Rey hopes he made it. Two guys from the other team were on him. Chasing him. Kylo was there, he ran faster. And he was tackled badly.

Rey looked worried and yelled "BEN". The coach walked and blow the whistle." HE MADE IT IT A WIN".

The boys got off him and Kylo got up. Try smoked and screaming. Rose and she hugged.

They all out Kylo in their shoulder. "Party Time" Teddy said.

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