Chapter 82

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Rey walks in her hotel room. She sits on the bed and turns on the TV. She sighs." Why am I here I should be looking for Ben," Rey said to herself.

She gets up and turns off the TV and grab her purse before leaving. She rented a car and she drove to a hospital.

"Hello my name Rey is there a patient name Kylo Ren here or Ben Solo," Rey asked.

"No Mr. Rey maybe he in another hospital there one downtown," the nurse said.

Rey nodes and leaves. Rey gets in the car and drives to the other hospital. She runs in and goes to a nurse at the front desk.

"Is there a patient name Kylo Ren or Ben Solo?" Rey asked. The nurse shakes her head. After going to five hospitals Rey begins to lose hope.

She drives to one more. As she walks in she felt like it was where Kylo was.

"Hello is there a patient name Kylo Ren or Ben Solo," Rey asked.

"May I ask for your name?" The nurse said.

"Rey Kenobi". "Okay, Ms. Kenobi Mr.Ren is on the third-floor room 34," the nurse said.

Rey smiles and walked away. She takes an elevator and walks to the room. But before she takes another step she sees Leia sitting on a chair and Han giving her tea.

Rey sighs and walks to them. Han sees the shoes of the girl and his eyes snakes up and sees her face.

"Rey," he says. Leia looks at the girl." Rey is it really you" Leia asked.

"Yes, it is," Rey said.  Leia touches her hand. Rey felt tears go down her cheek. Leia walks to Rey and hugs her. Rey hugs her back and takes a deep breath.

Leia pulls away to look at Rey." Oh, you poor child Kylo told me about your parents I'm so sorry, why didn't you tell us we could have done something" Leia said.

"I didn't think you could help me, I was afraid I will be sent to an adoption home, no one wants a teenager," Rey said.

"Maybe someone does but you don't deserve that life," Han said." Han" Rey said. They both embrace.

"I'm a grandfather," Han said." Hahaha yeah" Rey said smiling as she does her tears.

"It's a girl right," Leia said." No boy" Han said." It's a boy I named him Ben after his father" Rey said. Leia smile.

"Did you bring him?" Leia asked." No, I didn't I left him home with my grandfather in Coruscant" Rey said. Leia smiles and Rey hold her hand. She looks down and sighs.

"I came to see Ben is he okay," Rey asked." Still no change you know he wanted to see you" Han said.

"Yeah, can I see him," Rey asked. "Go ahead," Leia said.

"Rey, speak to him maybe he will get better or walk up from his coma please help see son," Han said.

"Okay," Rey said. She walks to the door and looks at the door. She turns the knob and walks inside. She looks around and sees Kylo lying on the bed.

Rey gasp and walked toward him. He was sleeping calmly and Rey had tears going down her eyes.

She looks at his hand and put here over his." It's been a while, Ben, almost 11 months".

Rey sits on the bed and looks at Kylo. "You are so strong, and I know you could've been a great father," Rey said. "If you want to be a father," Rey said.

"I'm not going anywhere, Ben Solo".

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