Chapter 23

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Kylo sat in class waiting for Rey to come. But instead of Rey coming in Emma came in.

"Hey Kylo," she said. Kylo rolled his eyes and looked away.

"What are you doing here," he asked.

"Nothing I just want to say hi," she said. Everyday Emma has been saying hi. For the past five months in school already.

Kylo was tired of her. He doesn't even want to talk to her.

The teacher came in with the other students and Rey saw Emma with Kylo.

Kylo got up and walked to Rey." Hey, Rey" he leans in to kiss. Rey looks at him. "Why was she here," she asked.

"She bothering me like always okay please smile please," he said. She smiles and kisses him. They both sat in their sits.

"Okay so class we are getting ready for our first project of the new year since there six more months left well five months I let you guys chose your partners," she said.

Rey looked at kylo and he kissed her forehead. Rose and Finn got together. Emma looked at Kylo and Rey.

"I'm Mrs. Thomson Kylo and Rey are always partners can I be his and Rey can be Poe," she said.

"I'm letting them choose who they want to be partners with," she said.

"But I want to be partners with Kylo," she said.

"I don't," Kylo said. "Poe wants to be partners with Rey," Emma said.

Poe looks up "hey I don't want to be in this". "But do you," Emma asked. Poe slightly nods.

"Okay let's do this I write your names down and the two names I get work together," she said.

She wrote their names and put it in a hat. She pulled out a card " okay Emma" she pulled another. "Emma and Kylo you work together".

Kylo rolled his eyes. "It's okay Kylo," she said. "You're sure," he asked.

Rey nodes." I trust you remember the necklace are promises we always promise to trust each other" she said. He nodes.

"Okay come up here to get your direction for the project is due in a month so it January 24 so it due on February 24 or something like that I'm going to ask the math teacher you know what is due on March third," she said.

"Yaaaa," they all said. "Gotta keep my sign as best teacher ever," she said. Reg laughed but turn to see Emma smile. She knee she planning something but she trusts Kylo to not fall for it. She could trust him she does.

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