Chapter 9

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Rey was laying on her bed when she got a test from Kylo. She smiled and answered him.

"Why are you always texting me, there other people who are more interesting than me" Rey answer.

"Your someone I want to know, you never let me in" the answered.

"Well, why don't you ask me to meet"Rey answer.

"Yeah come meet me at The Cooks in an hour" he answers.


Rey walked downstairs where she found her dad sitting in the dark.

"Hey Rey,"  he said.

"Hey dad," she said.

"Going somewhere," he asked. "The Cooks" she answered. He nods. Rey was standing still. She was afraid to move. He walked up close and gently push her to the side to walk to the kitchen even if he had a whole side to walk by.

She walked out of the house and walked to The Cooks. Kylo was waiting for Rey. She walked in and sat next to him.

"Hey um want to order something," he asked.

"Um yeah," she said. The waiter came and Rey was ready to order "I want a chocolate milkshake and a double cheeseburger with fries and chicken tenders" she said.

"I just want a coke with cheesecake and a hamburger," Kylo said.

They brought the food and they were ready to dig in. "Your very hungry," he said.

"Yeah this is the most I ate in my life," Rey said. He looked surprised. "Really," he said." Yeah".

"You'd said football was you future right why," she asked.

"I always loved that sport and I played it since I was a kid," he said.

"I just like reading and I want to write stories about life like problems in the world and there always someone out there that just going to help you solve it," Rey said.

Kylo smiled. "So what your story," he asked.

"I don't have a story" Rey answered as she took a bite of her burger.

"Everyone has a story," Kylo said. Rey looked at him and was thinking.

"Well my mom died when I was young and I live with my dad and my aunt comes sometimes and I know that my grandfather alive but he doesn't come," Rey said.

"I'm very sorry about your mom," Kylo said.

"Its fine yeah um so you have a dog," Rey said. Kylo nodded "yeah I named him Chewbacca he a lifesaver and I don't know why I didn't call him lifesaver," Kylo said.

"Well, I kinda like Chewbacca for a name" Rey said.

"Hey I have my car and there a park near here want to go there," Kylo said.

Rey nods and finishes her food. While Kylo paid Rey saw Emma outside and she put the middle finger at Rey.

"Hey ready to go," he said. Rey nod. They walked to his car. He opens the car door and she went in.

They made it to the park and they walked around. "So your favorite color is red and you like Lord Of The Rings," Rey said.

"Yeah," he said."I like the Maze Runner" (Maze Runner ForEver❤❤❤❤❤❤). Rey said.

"I like blue or purple it doesn't matter," Rey said.

Rey walked to the swings and sat down. Kylo looked at her." Want me to push you" he said. "What"?

"Push you here let me do that," he said. He pushes Rey and she screamed. She started to laugh.

Kylo sat on a swing and Rey went back and saw everything upside down.  She started to laugh and scream of excitement.

"Leave me here I can walk from here," Rey said.

"You're sure I mean l don't mind leaving your home," he said." I'm sure" she said.

Kylo parked his car and she got off." Bye". She walked away. Kylo watched her as she walked away then started to follow her.

"Kylo what are you doing," she said.

"Making sure you get home safely," he said.

"Kylo please go home please," she said. He shook his head.

"Kylo please just go home," she said." Nope, " he said.

Rey started to walk and he follows her. She started to run and kylo started to drive. She went into her house and he stops driving. He laughed and went home.

Rey threw herself on the bed and smiled. "I'm full," she said remembering the big meal she eats.

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