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I wrapped my arms around Dakota we had about 10 more minutes before school started. I smiled as Dorian car pulled up next to Dakota's . I smiled as harely got out closing the door. I opened the door picking up Ella

She smiled laying on my shoulder.

What's wrong with you I said hugging Harley with my free arm

Nothing she smiled fixing Ella shirt

Da she said reaching for Dorian

He grabbed her as me and Harley  walked inside. I smiled grabbing her hand we went to breakfast then frist period. We had a sub and to my surprise everyone was being good .

I grabbed Harley phone off the desk because she had to go to the nurse.

I took pictures and sent  them to myself . Once she came back she sat down as I gave her back her phone.

You tryanna go shopping after school

Yeah I need my nails done too I said

Right she smiled looking at her hand

I put my head down because my head was hurting.


I stepped out the car as me and Harley walked inside the mall we took the escalator up to forever 21 I got a lot of jeans and shorts and crop tops

We went to Victoria secret and got alot of cute underwear and bra sets

She wanted to go to Nike to pick.up her windbreaker hoodie  we went to rue 21 then we went to Footlocker and y'all know we had to shop for our babies.

I rolled my eyes seeing some dude eyeing Harley. I wrapped my arm around her as he walked over to us

What I mugged

I didn't come over here for you I came for her he said

I got a boyfriend she said rolling her eyes

Oh my bad he smirked walking away

I shook my head as we grabbed our bags going to the food court.  We both got subway we called an Uber and left I dropped her off going to Dakota house.

Ma Grayson giggled

Hey stink I said picking him up

Wassup baby he said wrapping his arms around me

Hey I said pecking his lips

I took my bags upstairs putting everything away like always Dakota got mad because I spent money on him

So now he fussing at me but I'm not even listening to him I'm just watching tv

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