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Mika be still I said trying to do her hair

I wanna play mommy she wined

If you don't be still you ain't getting your snacks I said

She sat back in her small chair as I put the beads on her braids

Once I got done I gave her a snack then I washed my hands so I can cook

Mika I yelled

Yes mommy she said running in the kitchen

What do you want to eat for dinner I asked

Shrimp and noonies she said

Pasta I laughed

Yeah that she clapped

Okay you can go now I said

Okay she nodded

I took the shrimp and poured some in a bowl running it under cold water .

What you in here cooking he said wrapping his arms around my waist

Mika wanted pasta so that's what I'm making I said

Let me finish go sit down he said

No I got it I said throwing some shrimp in the pan

Just let me help I got it mama he said

I pouted as he picked me up sitting me on the island

Stay there he said

Can I get a kiss I said

He stood between my legs smashing his  lips into mine . I wrapped my arms around his neck sucking on his neck.

He pulled away pecking my lips

I smiled as mika ran in the kitchen tugging on his pants leg

I love my babies man .


I pulled up in front of desi house getting out. I grabbed my phone and some snacks for us to eat .  knocked on the door waiting for her to answer . 5 minutes later she answered with a crying Ariel .

Every thing okay I asked

She won't stop crying she said

Go get your self together while I handle her I said

You sure she said running her fingers through her hair

Yeah I smiled

She gave me Ariel then went upstairs . we went I'm the kitchen and I put her on the counter.

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