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Ivy in media.


After feeding lil man I got gave him a bath getting him dressed he had on his red and white adaids outfit.  And his taxi 12's baby booties. My son stay looking fly. I brushed his curly hair smiling. I put him in his car seat. Smiling  he babbled about something kicking his feet. I gave him a toy. Getting in my car pulling off. I went to Dave(David ) house getting out. Every since him and kay broke up he moved away and changed his number. I haven't heard from Kay in a year. I heard she moved away to Cincinnati.

I just miss my sister and niece so much

I knocked on the door as Grayson kept laughing pointing to the door

Grrr he said

I laughed as Dave finally answered with some girl behind him. She smiled kissing his lips. Then she walked pass closing the door. He grabbed Grayson throwing him in the air as he started laughing. He sat him on the couch turning on cartoon as we went in the kitchen sitting on the island.

You know what momma wanted to talk to us about I asked

Nah she just wanted to see us he said going in the fridge.

You still haven't talked to her I asked

Nah ... We threw she better go be with that nigga who face she was smiling in he said

Don't you miss reign I asked

Yeah he said

You don't even talk to her anymore  I said

Nah I know her momma go try to talk to me he said

I nodded texting Jamie back about Grayson . 

We  talked to momma for a little bit then she left.  We smoked and his Lil thot came back. I grabbed Grayson walking out. I went home and put Grayson down for his nap. I called Jamie hoping she would answer . I know she be really sleepy after practice.

Hello she said

You woke baby I said biting my lip

Mhm she mumbled

How was school I asked

It was okay did you and Grayson have fun she asked

Yeah we just went to Dave house I said

Are you coming to my game next Friday she said

Yeah you know I'm go be there baby I smiled

She giggled speaking again

I love you baby she said

I love you too ma I said licking my lips

Can you pick me up I wanna spend some time with you or you don't have to I'm just asking because I know you be -

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