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Ella Marie Sanchez in Media

3 months later


Dorian I wined tapping him

Hmm what's wrong baby he mumbled

I don't feel good i pouted

He sighed sitting up . I rubbed my eyes as he got up going towards the bathroom. I grabbed my phone texting Jamie  back. My mom been blowing up my phone. I'm suppose to have dinner with my dad and case worker so my dad can have sole custody of me.

Once Dorian came out the bathroom he gave my meds laying next to me rubbing my stomach. I smiled feeling her kick. He got up kissing my stomach

Imma go cook okay he said

No it's my turn I said

No harely remember what the doctor said he  nodded

Please baby u just wanna help I pouted

Okay only for a minute he huffed

I smiled as we went downstairs he made pancakes , waffles, eggs, hash, grits ,Bacon , sausage and some fruit.

He poured some orange juice carrying the plates over to the living room . now that I'm 8 months I can't really do nothing. He been so over proactive of me lately all I do is stay in the house .

Once I got done eating he let me wash our plates and cups while he go shower. I turned off the TV  heading upstairs. I had to stop a few times because I almost fell over 4 times .

I grabbed my towel going to the guest bedroom. I stopped at Ella nuresy stepping  in Dorian did a good job.

Daddy loves you so much pooh I said putting my hand on my stomach. I walked out going to take my shower .

I stayed in there for 30 minutes then I finally got out. Once I was walked in the room I put on my Calvin Ken under wear and bra set bushing my teeth. I still got my braces I get them off in 2 months. Once I got done I washed my face putting on my grey leggings and my white t shirt and my maroon jacket

Baby you seen my Rolex he asked

Check on the dresser baby I said sitting at my vanity mirror

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