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I rubbed Naomi back as she slept on my chest. She been sleep since I took the kids to school. She woke up just to lay on me. Every time I would get up she would cry or hold me tighter. I gotta piss and I'm hungry as hell. I can't reach the remote. She moved around in her sleep as my phone started ringing. I reached in my pocket. Putting it up to my ear.

Speak I said looking at Naomi

Nigga who you talking to my momma said

My bad ma good morning I smiled

What my baby doing she said

Sleep won't let me get up but its cool I said rubbing her side.

Bring her over she said hanging up

I shook my head sliding from under her

No she cried

Shh I'm right here baby I said

She pouted sitting up

I pulled her up wrapping my arms around her

Momma wanna see you I said

She smiled pushing me out the way she ran in the bathroom closing the door.

The hell I mumbled

I shook it off heading towards the guest bathroom. I took a 20 minute shower wrapping the towel around my waist.. I walked out going back in our room. Naomi bit her lip standing in front of me smiling . I kissed her slowly unwrapping her towel. I laid her on the bed admiring her beautiful body. I kissed her lips going down to her peral

She smirked as I kissed her inner thigh


I busted inside of Naomi as she laid down sighing. I pulled her up going to the shower. I turned on the shower washing her body. Once we got done we finally got dressed then we left.

I grabbed her hand toying with her ring . she smiled blushing. Once we got to my mom's house I could smell the fried chicken as soon as she opened the door. She hugged naomi then me .

Why you all dressed up I asked

Because I'm going on a date she smiled

No the hell you not I yelled

Yes I am Tristan and cuss again she mugged

Please tell me you had no idea about this I said looking at Naomi.

I'm sorry baby she smiled

I shook my head sitting on the couch. After a while my mom called me in to eat . she made wing dings , corn bread , greens, dirty rice, and all.that good stuff. Naomi sat there stuffing her face. Momma made me and naomi leave once her date arrived. She better be lucky I didn't check him. We went to go get the kids then we had to stop at the grocery store. To get a couple items. Once we got home I cooked then gave them a bath washing the dishes.

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