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I put my head on my desk as the teacher talked about plants and nature

Usually This would be my favorite subject but we have a sub and he's making us watch this boring movie

I miss Jamie. She upset with me because I didn't bring her no Starbucks

I told her Dave go bring her some for lunch but she wanna throw a little fit.

Once 5th period was over I met Dave at the front taking me , Jamie and harely food . I went to the lunch room seeing Jamie crying and harely holding her cheek. I sat the food down sitting down. As they took the food from me saying thank you. I nodded smiling.

What happened I asked

She smacked me because I didn't buy her no food she said

Jamie really I said

She pouted Turing away from me

I shook my head eating the rest of my burger.


Jamie let her go I said as she hugged harely

Noo she wined

She has to go home Jamie I said

Fine she said letting her go

Harely grabbed her stuff running towards her mom car. I helped her in the car driving to Naomi house .

See you later I said rubbing her stomach

You promise you coming back to get me she said

Yeah I promise baby I said kissing her

Okay she said getting out.

You got it mamas I said

Mhm she smiled

I watched her walk in the house then I finally pulled off heading towards the trap to have a meeting with Dave .

Wassup man he said

Wassup I said sitting down

How's Jamie he asked

Bro she mean as hell she smacked harely then wouldn't let her leave I said

I'm happy Kay mean ass not pregnant he said shaking his head

I'm surprised she not pregnant as much as y'all have sex I laughed.

Shut up he said mugging me

I shook my head as everyone started to come in . I'm still pissed about that viedo cam ass bet not talk to me no more.

Where's Bentley Dave asked..

I haven't seen him around I said

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