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I woke up to a empty bed I was about to get up when chase walked in with a tray off food and mika had a card in her hand and orange juice in the other

Good morning he smiled

Good morning I giggled

Mommy I didn't spill the orange juice she smiled

Good job baby I said kissing her cheek

She smiled as she climbed next to me kissing my cheek

I ate my food then I took a shower then I got ready to drop mika off I strapped her in and pulled off


No fair you cheated I pouted

Nah I won fair and square he smirked

I rolled my eyes as I picked up the controller and he started the game

After I dropped mika off and came back home we decide to play the game

But chase keep cheating and we won't let me win

Foods here he smiled

When did you order food I asked

Once y'all left I got hot and spicy wings yo nasty.ass lemon chicken and garlic he said

Awe thanks boo I smiled

You welcome ma he said as he paid the man and closed the door sitting next to me

I ate my chicken but I thought it would be better with pickles

Eww he said scooting away

I pouted as he shook his head scooting closer

Let's go take a nap I'm tired he said leaning his head on the back of the couch rubbing his eyes

Okay I nodded

He grabbed my hand as we walked up to the bed room i laid down and he laid next to me wrapping his arms around my waist


I'm honestly having the time of my life we was walking when I had this bad feeling but I shook it off.

We was about to get on a kiddie ride with zay when loud gun shots where fired

Shit tristan groaned

I looked behind me and seen Tristan body on the ground

I tried to help him up but he was to heavy

I looked up and seen some dude in black pointing a gun at Zyair

I quickly covered his body as more gun shots where fired I felt a sharp pain In my back then I blacked out

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