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2 weeks later


I zipped up my suit case and Fixed Zyair heavy self on my hip as he laid his head on my shoulder

Today me zay and Tristan going to Disney land I'm so excited I feel like a kid

We finally got the stuff in the car I strapped zyair in and gave him his toy car and his sippy cup

We got in and I leaned my seat back some as he pulled off turning on the radio

We stopped at the store then we went to get something to eat


I pulled up in front of mika school getting out

I seen some little girls picking on my baby so I walked over there and pulled mika behind me

Is there a problem I asked

Yo daughter need to keep her mouth shut one snot nose Lil girl laughed

Well you need to leave my daughter alone I said stepping closer to her

Mhm bye bitch she said rolling her eyes

I pushed her in the dirt and she started crying

Then some stiff weave hoe had the nerve to get all up in my face

Don't be pushing my daughter she said snaking on her gum

Tell yo daughter to leave my baby alone then I said stepping closer

She pushed me back which made me mad I punched her in her face making her fall back on the little girl

Stupid bitch I mumbled

I grabbed mika hand and we got in and i drove to the store and got us some snacks and some ice cream.

Once we got home I set all the stuff up and let her change her clothes while I fix our plate​ of nachos .

We sat on the covers and I turned on secret life of pets and turned the lights off as I pulled her close to me

Once I got done eating I felt the need to throw up

I rushed upstairs closing the bathroom door leaning over the toilet


I couldn't stop throwing up so I went to the hospital now I'm waiting on them to tell me what's wrong

Mommy is everything okay mika frowned

Everything good baby don't worry about it I said

She nodded her head as the doctor came back in

So I have some good news he smiled

Really I frowned

Yes turns out your three weeks pregnant congrats he smiled

Uh thanks I said lowly

I got my meds then I grabbed mika and we went back to the car

Once me made it home I washed mika up then I put her down for bed

Then I cleaned up our mess putting the movies up

I took a shower and laid in bed putting my hand on my flat stomach

I sighed at the thought of a baby am I really ready how is chase go react.

My thoughts where interrupted when he came in and took off his chains and his gold Rolex

Wassup mamas you good he asked

Yeah just tired I lied

Get some rest then he said pecking my lips

I nodded my head as he walked in the bathroom turning on the shower

He was in there for at lest 20 minutes then he laid next to me wrapping his arms around my waist

Love you he said kissing me

Love you more I said smiling a little.

You good he asked

No I have something to tell you I sniffed

Wassup he frowned

I'm pregnant I sniffed

What! This is amazing he smiled showing his bottom grill

Your not mad I asked

Hell nah I been wanting another baby he said hugging me

I smiled as he wiped my face

I feel a little better now I guess I'm happy I just don't know how mika going to feel i don't want her feel left out or unloved😔


I can't believe my baby pregnant I want a nother little girl then two boys

I looked down at her a ultrasound seeing the little dot which I'm guessing is our Angle

I looked down at her a ultrasound seeing the little dot which I'm guessing is our Angle

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I laid back down wrapping my arms around her waist then I went to sleep


We finally made it to Disney land it was two late to go on rides so we sat on the balcony watching the fireworks and lights

After we ate we all took a shower and went to sleep

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