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Its been three weeks and I haven't talked to cam or Dorian. Since I don't have my phone. Me and Jamie back at school. Cam literally flipped out once I told him I let cam be the frist to give me head. I don't see why he so mad he be with other bitches too. But when I'm.with Dorian he wanna get upset.

I was outside waiting for my mom to come. She been so tied up with her so called boyfriend. He so werid I caught him walking out my room once.every since then I been avoiding them going over Naomi house or cam stays with me. I told Naomi and she was really mad I'm glad she didn't tell Tristan crazy ass. I don't need him getting in the middle of my family problems.

I was at home when Dorian called .

I smiled answering the phone

Hello I smiled

Wassup ma you busy he said

No why I smiled

I wanna come see you he said

That's Fine i nodded

You spending the night or nah asked

Yeah you on your way I asked

Yeah I'm in yo area now he said

Okay let me get ready I said hanging up.

I got up going to the living room where my mom and her creepy ass boyfriend was sitting eating some pizza and wings.

Can I Go with Dorian I asked

Next time you come back with Hickey's your never seeing him again she said

I walked away going to go pack my stuff. I grabbed my.books and home work stuffing it in my bag. Seeing his car pull up. I cheesed grabbing my phone running outside. He got out the car looking all daddish and what not

Hi I smiled hugging him

Wassup you good he smiled grabbing my face

Mhm I nodded

He grabbed my bag putting it in the back seat

I got in as he started the car pulling off.

What'd been going on he asked

Nothing much my mom got a new boyfriend I frowned

You don't like him or something he asked

No he's really creepy when I got home from school he was coming out my room so I been over Naomi and cam house I pouted

Don't worry baby girl you can stay with me as long as you want he smiled

What's been up with you I asked

Nothing much he said grabbing my hand

I smiled as he pulled into five guys we got our food then he drove to this liquor store where there was a couple boys I grabbed my fries eating them

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