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1 month later


So I finally got custody of Milly. I had to go to all these stupid classes and they had to go check the house. Me and ava finally together and she lives with me me now. She so much help. With milly. We decided to just raise her as our own until were ready for kids .

Its finally summer time which means Ava on break. But they go back in 2 months. Milly been out of school. But she go back in a couple weeks since she got out last week her break not that long. But hey at least she's Happy.

When I walked in the house the alarm went off. I turned it off seeing milly sleep on the couch snoring loud as hell

Ava I said sitting the duffle bag down

Huh she said coming out the hallway that led to the downstairs bathroom.

What you doing ma I asked

Nothing she said kissing me

I peaked her lips again going in the kitchen to find me something to eat. I found some left over wings from Buffalo wild wings heating them up.

How was your day she asked

It was cool I smiled grabbing the wings

That's good she smiled

What about you what y'all do today I asked

Nothing she had a bath this morning we watched movies and stuff she said licking her lips.

Coo I said nodding my head

You miss me she smiled walking over to me

Yeah you know I missed my babies I said wrapping my arms around her .

She pulled me down kissing my lips.

I pulled away as she pouted

I want a kiss she smiled

I just gave you one I said

I want more she smiled

I peeked her lips three times as she bit my lip pulling off .

You need to stop I said grabbing her butt

I'm ready tho she laughed

Nah you ain't I said

Why you already gave me head why can't we just have sex already she said

Head is different ma and plus you not ready I said

So what when we not around each other you be fucking other bitches she said pulling away from me

Nah it's not even like that ma you know I won't cheat on you I mugged

Yeah whatever she said

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