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I strapped the boys in thier booster seat. Getting in I stopped at McDonald's and got then something to eat before I went to my momma house . I got out as the boys followed behind me . I knocked on the door waiting for her to answer.

Hey baby she smiled

Hey mama I said

Come on boys let's go inside she said

They walked inside and I hugged my momma before I hopped in the car heading towards the trap .

I got out heading towards my office . I sat down rolling up a blunt . I wanted to give Naomi a break since she been keeping the boys for me . I was go take her out but she wasn't talking to me so im going to give her space until she ready to talk .

I walked around making sure everyone was doing there job . I did a fee drops then I went out with a few of my homies.


Mommy Mika squealed running up to me

Hi baby how was school I smiled

It was fun I had cupcakes she said

That was nice baby go change your clothes so we can eat and do your homework I said

Okay she said running away

And stop running before you fall I said

Okay mommy she yelled

I shook my head as chase came in the kitchen wrapping his arms around me .

Wassup baby he said kissing me

Hi I smiled

Did you take your medicine today he asked

Yes go wash up so we can eat I said

Nah go sit down so I can finish cooking he said

You sure I asked

Yeah mamas go relax he said

Okay I shurrgged

I wobbled over to the couch sitting down kicking my feet up on the table .

A few minutes later Mika came down and sat on the couch next to me playing on her tablet .

Did you finish your homework I asked

Yes Mommy she said looking up at me

I tried to call Naomi but she didn't answer so I sent her a text as chase walked in .


Goodnight Mommy Mika said

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