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*"1 month later **


So I'm 5 months and I'm having a girl Dorian went all out for her nuresy . I decided to name her Ella  Sanchez. Me and Dorian live together in a 2 story house. Jamie wasn't so happy and now she mad at me because I decided to live with Dorian and not live with my mom.

Everyone keep saying I'm too young and I act to fast. The only thing I'm foucused on is my Ella  and Dorian.

His birthday was a blast. Josiah threw him a party we actually had a good time. I took him to the carnival and we went out to eat and to lazer tag.

I was sitting on the couch when Dorian walked in with bags in his hands. I smiled as he gave me my Wendys bag.

I thanked him giving him his meds. Once we got done. I threw my trash away washing my hands and my face.

You okay I asked

Yeah I'm good he nodded yawning

You wanna take a nap before you leave again I asked rubbing my stomach

Come on he said pulling me upstairs

I laid on the bed once we got in the room. He laid next to me rubbing my cheek. I smiled showing my blue braces


Harely Dorian smiled rubbing my stomach

Huh I mumbled sitting up

You wanna go over siah house with me or do you wanna stay and rest he said

I wanna go I said smiling

He nodded sitting on the little chair on the side of the room. I got up getting in the shower. Once I got done I grabbed my rope wrapped it around my body

I dried off getting dressed while Dorian helped put my shoes and coat on.


I grabbed the chocolate chip cookies off the shelf bumping into someone cart. I turned around seeing Jamie and Dakota. I sighed grabbing the stuff siah needed to make the Rotel dip.

Hey she said softly

Hi I smiled grabbing the juices and pops

Can we talk she said

I nodded giving Dorian the cart. I sighed once we got out to the car

Wassup I said rubbing my huge belly

I'm sorry okay...I shouldn't have tried to force you to go with your mom I just didn't want you to forget about me once you went with Dorian she said

I'm sorry too and I'd never forget about you he just been through a lot and we been busy with all these crazy appointments and moving in the house  I said

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