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So today is my doctor's appointment and I'm so happy I get to hear my baby heart beat for the first time I strapped mika in then I got in and chase pulled out the drive way


Mommy look mika said showing me her Lego tower

Good job baby I smiled

She smiled as she added more blocks a couple minutes later the doctor called us back

I helped her put the blocks back then we went to the room and laid on the bed


Naomi went to the store with my mom so I decided to prank her I got Zyair dressed then we went to the store and got fake blood and stuff

Help he clapped

Yeah​, you can help daddy I smirked,


So I decided to fake like Zyair feel down the stairs while I was in the shower

Don't get up okay I said

Otay he said opening one of his eyes

I shook my head as I started to pour the fake blood around him

I rubbed some of the blood around him then put some on his head and arms

I heard the car door slam so I hid on the side of the stairs

Babe I'm h-

Oh my god Zyair she yelled

I peeked over and seen her holding him in her arms crying her eyes out

Baby I'm so sorry I said trying not to laugh

You where suppose to be watching him she yelled

He was watching TV I said

Oh my god my baby she cried harder

I'm sorry I said trying to hug her

Don't touch me he yelled

Baby it was just a prank clam down I said

What she frowned

Come here zay I laughed

He got up and walked over to me

Don't play like that she screamed

I'm sorry I smiled

Fuck you she said picking up Zyair

You okay baby she said

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