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1 year later (Mika in Media )


Alot has changed over the year I'm finally 16 and rah is now 21. We kinda date now . I'm his and he's mine. He's so crazy tho. He beat up this dude for talking to me. We kiss alot too. I'm still a Virgin. I wanna wait a while and he's okay with that. Me and Milly got way closer that's my baby forever .

She still stays with her grandmother. But she comes over rah house more now that I'm over there like everyday.

I was putting my stuff out my locker so I can go home.  I grabbed my Nike bag Walking outside I sat on the steps waiting on rah too come pick me up

I smiled once his Benz pulled around the loop of our parking lot. I got in putting my bag by my feet . Putting on my seat belt. I smiled as he pulled off

Give me some loving he said grabbing my face

I kissed him as he bit my lip sliding his tounge in my mouth I monaed as he pulled away biting his lip. I wiped my mouth off as he pulled into Wendys

Whatcha want  he asked

The usual I told him putting in my headphones.

Uh let me get two of your extra spicy chicken sandwiches large fry frosty and pink lemonade he said into the speakers

Will that be all the girl siad

Uh nah let me get a bacon and cheese burger with some cheese fries I want some chicken nuggets let me get another frosty and a Sprite make sure it's fresh he said licking his lips

Okay sir your total is 23.57 please pull up to the next window she said

He pulled up to the next window as I tried to give him my money but he gently pushed my arm away giving her 26  dollars she gave him the change giving him the receipt and our food.

Thanks I smiled

You wlecome baby what time do you gotta be home he asked

Uh I don't know probably before 12 I pouted

Ight he nodded

I ate my frosty and one of my sandwiches once we got to his house he threw his trash away and pulled me into his lap kissing me. I kissed him back eating the rest of my food. I wahsed my hands as we brushed our teeth. It's just a habit I have after eating every meal since I have braces.

I pulled out my homework laying out on his bed as he started dozing off

Babe I said looking back at him

Hmm he mumbled

Don't go to sleep I said

I'm tired ma  he huffed laying on my butt

I'm almost done I said

He sat up licking his lips. I answered the last question putting it away.

I climbed on top of him rubbing his chest. He groaned as I felt his friend poking my butt. Get up I said laughing

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