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I sat up turning off my alarm. I licked my lips going to the shower i stayed in the shower for about 30 minutes. Once I got out drying off. I put on my outfit brushing my hair into a messy bun .

I smiled calling Dorian but he didn't answer. I sent him a text grabbing my book bag and my phone .

I met my mom in the front as she drove to school . I got out walking up to the stairs. I went to breakfast looking for Dorian. I sat at a table Calling him but his phone went straight to voicemail.

Oh my God I huffed

What's wrong ma cam said

Dorian not answering his phone I sighed

I heard he wasn't feeling good cam said

Then why isn't he answering he always answer I huffed

I grabbed my stuff going to frist hour I set my stuff down grabbing a worksheet I sat at my desk trying to foucus. It's just so hard when you thinking about someone would wondering if there okay.


Can I go to the bathroom I asked

He sighed writing me a pass I grabbed my stuff walking out once I got to the bathroom I used it then washed my hand. When I was leaving out I seen Dorian walk in the school.

I smiled running up to him as he held his arms out. I jumped on him kissing all over his face . He smiled putting me down. I heard yelling then loud gun shots. I screamed as Dorian pulled me by the stairs covering my mouth

Go upstairs he said

No Dorian I'm not leaving you I cried

Just go i-

He was cut off by more gun shots but this time he got hit.  Whoever it was ran out the emergency exit Making the alarm go off.

Dorian I screamed holding his body

Please Dori don't leave me I cried

I love you baby girl he said

I love you too I sniffed as his eyes slowly closed.

Ma'am get back a paramedic said

I watched as they put his lifeless body on the strecher. I sniffed following them outside.

I'm sorry ma'am but you can't ride with us he said closing the door

Harely what happened to you Jamie cried

I can't breathe I said holding my chest

The last thing I remember was Jamie calling my name then I blacked out.


I get to see mommy Maddie smiled doing a little dance

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