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Malory doing good she broke her rib cage and her leg and they said she lost half her memory so I been in the hospital with her making sure she take her meds.

I grabbed Maddie as we left out the hospital I strapped her in and drove off .

Once we got home I took off her coat and laid her down

I went to my office and looked over some paper work


This morning we went shopping for cj and got some stuff for his room

Then we went out to breakfast and Tristan got mad because some dude grabbed my ass

He acting like its my fault I punched him in the face and he ran away

So now Tristan not talking to him but I'm not about to beg him to talk to me he'll get over it I don't care I don't get mad when girls be texting him because he know he go get his ass beat if he think about replying back to these ugly hoes .

I gave both boys a bath then I laid them in bed and tucked them in .

Give mommy kiss I said

Zyair kissed my cheek and cj did the same then he   laid in his bed smiling

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