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Destiny in media ^^^^


I was Laying down until I heard yelling i slipped on my shorts I slowly walked to the bottom of the stairs seeing dev holding a gun to some dude head . I gasped making everyone in the room look at me except for devan crazy ass.

Go upstairs he said

No I said

Go the fuck upstairs now I'm tired of talking to yo ass fuck out my face he yelled

I gasped as he mugged me. I rushed back upstairs slamming the door. Memories of when Dan frist hit me played in my head over and over again


I held my huge stomach walking down the steps I seen Dan and his men beating on some kid who looked around 16 or 17 . I called Dan name as he mugged me he rushed over to me picking me up by my neck he slammed me against the wall as I started to cry .

He kicked me in the stomach punching me all over my body . all his freinds did was watch while the young dude tried to help. He punched Dan in his face as he stumbled back. I got up thanking him as I rushed up the steps

I heard Dan yelling my name. I hid in the closet as he threw everything across the room. He swung the door open pulling me out . he started hitting me making me cough up blood. He pulled out his gun hitting me in my head repeatedly until I blacked out.

When I woke up I was in the hospital an officer came in asking me questions. I was scared but I still lied I told him I got jumped and Dan found me and bought me here

After being treated they told me my Baby survived . Dan didn't want to stay so he left to be with his hoes.

-----------flashback over------------

I flinched as dev walked in he tried to touch me but I flinched because I thought he was go beat me like Dan did

He touched my arm making me flinch even harder. I moved away as I started to cry his face softened as his eyes started to water. He slowly held out his hand for me to grab. I grabbed his hand slowly as he pulled me into a tight hug rubbing my back. I closed my eyes tightly as he gently kissed my lips.

He laid me down kissing my lips he climbed on top of me kissing my neck and chest. I  moaned softly as he bit my lip rubbing his hand down my side.

I closed my eyes as he trailed kisses down my stomach stopping once he got to my pantie line. He bit his lip as he slid off my shorts and under wear.

He kissed my inner thigh teasing me. I ran my fingers then his well kept dreads as he kissed and sucked on my Pearl I arched my back as he slid his tounge inside of me. I moaned as he smirked looking up at me going faster.


I waited until dev changed the sheets laying down. He laid between my legs laying his head on my stomach and his arms around my waist.


Dooda but I cooded playing with Grayson feet.

He smiled moving a little

Dakota walked in picking him up he smiled gums and all . I frowned as he put on his snowsuit and his hat

He strapped him in his car seat  getting up. 

Where you taking my dooda butt I pouted

Stop calling my son that gay shit he mugged

Whatever I think its cute I smiled

Go get dressed he smiled

I nodded getting out of bed since I took a shower earlier I just took a quick shower.  I got dressed then brushed my hair out doing a poofy pony tails. With my edges already laid. I packed Grayson diaper bag. We finally left out until we got to his momma house .

I mugged him getting out he grabbed Grayson as he started to wine. I pulled his cover back some putting his Binky in his mouth his momma hugged me grabbing Grayson from Dakota .

He grabbed my hand as we walked in the kitchen where reign and kay was

I hugged kay grabbing reign she smiled playing with her toy. I sat on the counter sitting her in front of me .


Sorry if its short

I was kinda busy

I went to columbus today for my school basketball team



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