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2 weeks later


Me and Tristan grew a little bit closer we don't talk that much but I know I can trust him .

Zyair just turned 6 weeks we grew closer to he sleeps with me sometimes or we would just chill while Tristan out handling stuff

The boys all act like big brothers and they so over protective they don't let me go anywhere by myself.

Im still in school we get out in a couple days I can't wait until I graduate Tristan say he got a surprise for me but he won't tell me what it is.

It was finally time to go home . I grabbed my books and carried them to my locker I put them on the little shelf I walked out and seen my dad standing in front of his car

My heart raced as I looked around for Tristan car

You thought you could hide from me he smirked

Leave me alone I sighed

He shook his head as he grabbed my arm pulling me towards his car

HELP I screamed

Shut up bitch he yelled punching me in my mouth

Let go of me I cried


I pulled up in front of Naomi school and people was running towards a crowd of people

I ran over there and Naomi was getting beat by some nasty looking ass dude

I punched him in his jaw and he stumbled back I started sending blows to his face making him fall on the ground

After I finished beating his ass I picked Naomi up and carried her to the car

Once we got back to the house I carried her upstairs and cleaned her bruises and cuts

Thanks she mumbled

You welcome Lil ma I said

She smiled as she leaned up and wrapped her arms around my neck

Thanks for everything she said

You welcome I said wrapping my arms around her small frame

I never had someone care about me this much she sniffed

Well im here for you whenever I said

She smiled at me as she pulled away I helped her down and we went to the living room then I ordered some spicy chicken wings and pepperoni pizza


Once we got done eating I took a shower and did my hair in two French braids

I laid down and closed my eyes trying to go to sleep I got up and went Tristan room and he was on his phone with just some sweat pants on

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