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After replying back to jade I stood up from my bed hearing towards the shower I washed my body then I washed my hair.

Once I got done I got out and dried off putting on my laced underwear and my matching bra. I slid on my white button up shirt with my black fitted skirt . I had trouble putting on my slides but I Manage to get them on and still do  my hair .

I grabbed my purse and grabbed some snacks for me, jade and the boys . I grabbed my phone off the charger and left out . I called mama and told her I was on my way then I pulled out the driveway.

Once I got to church I grabbed my stuff and wobbled inside . I found mama and walked over to her sitting down.

About twenty minutes later jade chase mika walked in . jade sat next to me rubbing her stomach as chase sat behind us . Tristan and the boys finally came and of course he brought his ratchet girlfriend

The kids went downstairs for children's church . so me and jade sat next to chase

I was trying to pay attention but they kept messing with me eating my food

Ma can you get them I asked

Get up here right now she mugged

But I didn't do noting they keep messing with me I wined

Naomi get yo ass up here now she semi yelled

Haha chase said

I kicked him on my way towards the front and he stopped laughing and mugged me

I sat next to her as she shook her head

Acting like a bunch of kids she said

But I-

I don't want to hear it she   said

I pouted as I looked back and seem them laughing even jade and to think I was going to give her some of my snacks.


Bye daddy the boys said as I strapped them in thier booster seat

He waved his hand as him and rose got in the car and pulled off

I'll meet at Dave and buster's in a hour she said.

Okay I smiled

I got in the car and pulled off once we got to my house I helped them out then we walked up to my floor as I unlocked the door . I let them play while I go change .

I put on my grey sweat pants and my white polo shirt then I threw my hair up in a cute messy bun taking off my makeup.

By time I got done it was time to go . I made sure the boys was ready and had all there stuff before we walked outside.

We see tete again Zyair smiled

Yes are you happy I asked

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