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I sat up in the comfy bed rubbing my eyes I got out of bed and walked down the Hallway. I sighed seeing my dad and his some pretty girl in the kitchen.

I walked down the steps as they both looked at me. I smiled as my dad walked up to me kissing my forehead

How you feeling he asked

I'm okay I smiled

You ready for school he asked

I nodded as he grabbed a bag giving it to me . I went upstairs took a shower then got dressed in the Nike outfit .

I left my hair in a messy bun as I went downstairs . I ate breakfast then we went to school. I sighed as he gave me a pice of paper. I hugged him getting out. I went to the office frist then they gave me a. Note to give to my teacher.

I went to breakfast seeing Jamie once she seen me she ran up to me giving me a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around her as she started to cry.

Where were you she said

At home I wasn't feeling good I lied

She grabbed my arm pulling me by the steps

I went by your mom house harely no one was there she said

Remember I was telling you about my mom boyfriend I said

Yeah she said slowly

Well I asked my mom can I go with Dorian and she said yes then he started rubbing my back and stuff I went with Dorian and I had to sneak through the window because I came in late I was sleeping and um...when I woke up in the middle of the night he was touching me and stuff I tried to scream but he covered my mouth and he raped me. I called my dad girlfriend and she told my dad ...and he came ...the last thing I remembered was my dad yelling at my mom and then I blacked out I sniffed

Oh my gosh are you okay she cried.

Yeah....I'm just scared to tell Dorian I said

Its going to be okay I promise she smiled Hugging me tightly

I smiled wiping her tears


Every since me and Jamie talked she haven't left my side. It was now time to go home and I was going over Dorian so we can talk . once Tristan pulled up he waved as everyone looked at him

I smiled waving back he yelled at people who looked at him to long I shook my head as they pulled off.

I smiled seeing Dorian car pull up once he got out I ran up to him as he wrapped his arm tight around me kissing all over my face. I grabbed his face kissing his lips as he pulled away.

We got in the car as he pulled off .

Wassup he said grabbing my hand

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