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I pulled up in front of Mika school getting out . I helped her out as we went in the school walking to her locker then her classroom .

Hi you must be mommy she smiled

Yes nice to meet you I smiled

Nice to meet you to i really enjoy teaching mika she's so smart and bright I talked to the principal about moving her up a grade since she basically know all the stuff I teach but we had to get permission from you she smiled

I'm okay I'm just going to talk with her dad and make sure it's okay I nodded

Okay that's fine she said walking away

See you mommy she smiled

See you baby I said smiling

I walked out getting back in the car I stopped at Subway and got me and chase something to eat then I finally went home

I threw my trash away putting his in the microwave . I went upstairs and took a shower putting on one of his shirts

I went down to the game room seeing chase sitting on the couch and miracle sitting in her chair with a white shirt on some grey pants and one of his chains then he had the nerve to put a Banda on .

Chase what is she wearing I said

What she looks nice he smiled

She looks like a thug I said

So what he said

I shook my head sitting on his lap as he rubbed my ass

Babe I said licking his lips

Move mane I can't see he said

I want some attention I said pouting

Let me finish this he said not looking at me

I shook my head climbing off his lap laying on the couch

You got on some bottoms he asked

Yeah why u asked

Take em off he said

Why I frowned

Just take em off jade he mugged

I sighed sliding my boy shorts off as he slipped his hand up my shirt

Dam.he mumbled pausing the game

He turned towards me taking off my shirt

You go have my baby he asked

Mhm I mumbled as he slid his fingers inside of me

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