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I stopped the swing with my feet grabbing my bag . I sighed as I walked down the street looking at people .

I really miss Dakota but he probably still mad at me so I haven't talked to him yet . Harley at school and Naomi took mya too get her shots .

I frowned my face seeing a man looking at me with a smirk on his face .

I huffed as I started to walk faster .

I looked behind me seeing the man  chasing me .

I sighed as I ran faster turning into an Alley

Aye boss I got her a deep voice spoke

I was about to run but the man grabbed me putting something over my mouth which caused me to black out


I opened my eyes looking around

I was in a basement which had alot of poles and girls counting money

Look who's woke a familiar voice spoke

I turned my head towards the steps seeing my bitch ass daddy .

Dan baby girl you getting thick on me he chuckled rubbing my exposed thighs

I tried to scream but my mouth was tapped shut and my arms was tied to a pole

Where's maci he said ripping the tape off my mouth

I'm not telling you I yelled

He chuckled licking his lips

I guess I'm go have to torture you then he laughed

I don't care I said rolling my eyes

He grabbed my neck squeezing it

Listen little bitch I'll kill you and burn your fucking body he mugged

I gasped as he let me go

He punched me in my face making my nose bleed

I fucking hate you he yelled hitting me harder

He untied me dragging me over to a dirty bed that sat on the floor

Let's play a little game he smiled as he held my arms above my head .

No please I cried

He chuckled as two men came and grabbed both of my arms

Another man came who had a needle in his hands

He tapped it before sticking it in my side

The last thing I remember was my dad taking his clothes off and my legs being forced open .

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