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Sissy hurt she cried

Whats wrong I said

Tummy hurt bad she said

I pulled up her shirt seeing bruises on her chest and stomach .

What happened I asked

Daddy hit me cuz me was hungry she sniffed

Don't cry baby I'm going to make it better I said wiping her face

Otay she said

I grabbed her arm as we went in the bathroom . I ran her some warm bath water and added some sented bubbles

I washed her body with her strawberry body wash making sure I didn't hurt her.

I rinshed her off wrapping the towel around her small body

I dried her off helping her put on her panties . I put cream on her brusies and let her pick out her own pajamas .

You hungry I  asked

No she said

Okay get in bed I'm going to shower I said

Can I come with you she asked

No Harper sit out here until I get done I said

Please sissy what if he hit me again she sniffed

Here I'll lock the door I sighed

Okay she said

I made sure the door was locked before going in the small closet getting out my under wear and my pajamas

I stayed in the shower for about 20 minutes before getting out  I dried off quickly getting dressed laying in bed

Me hate it here she said

Well once I get enough money we can leave I said

Forever she smiled

Forever I said kissing her cheeks

She smiled as she snuggled under me .

Once she went to sleep I got up leaving the room to find me something to eat .

Wassup sexy one of my dad friends said

Leave me alone I said rolling my eyes

You look just like yo fine ass mama he said grabbing me my arm

Let go I yelled

Shut up bitch held smacking me

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