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Thanks again momma I smiled kissing her cheek

You welcome baby stay safe she said

I rushed out getting in my car . I drove to the lounge making sure they had everything set up. After tasting the food. I went to her house getting out .

I used her spare key sneaking up to her room. I smiled seeing her sleep on her stomach with one of my shirts on

I sat next to her rubbing her thighs

Wake up mamas I said kissing her nose

She smiled softly moving around in her sleep.

Hey she smiled

Wassup I said moving her hair out her face.

Where's Jamie she asked

She got a ride with Dakota get up I said

She sat up smiling at me

Why you looking at me like that and how did you get get my shirt I asked

I been had this from a long time ago she smiled

Okay get ready and don't ask why I said laying on her bed .

Okay she said softly

I chuckled as I texted everyone about 10 minutes later she came out with her bra and her pants pulled half way up.

I watched as she got dressed brushing her teeth . then she did her hair .

You ready she said

I nodded my head as I grabbed her hand walking out. I opened the door for her as we both got in heading to Starbucks. I hate it but i got her something and got some Carmel drink

Thanks she smiled

You welcome baby girl I said

She nodded her head grabbing my hand. I shook my head smiling


I watched as Naomi ran her fingers through her straight hair that she got dyed jet black ..

Why you doing all this she frowned

Because you desver it I said pulling her into the nail shop

Once the lady took her back I sat down watching rose walk in with some nigga but she didn't have the baby this time.

After getting her feet and nails done a nude color we went shopping then I took her to the food court getting some taco bell. Well she had McDonald's.

I smiled once I noticed she still had on the necklace I bought her . time to get her a new one with my name on 🤗😊

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