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1 month later (Ariel in Media)


Mommy I miss daddy Ariel wined holding on to me

I know baby I whispered hugging her tightly

Alot changed in the past few months me and Dev broke up because we was aruging alot about giving my eggs to the lady the lady is about 4 months .

We talked and she said she want me too keep the twins because she's adopting to more set of twins. I met this dude name kale and I just wanted no be friends but he wanted a relationship. He's so crazy. He show's up to Airel school he pop up at my new house and he trys to have sex with me

I just miss Dev so much. I miss him holding me and I miss his sweet kisses.

I was about to drop Airel off at Dev house. I zipped up her coat fixing my messy bun. She grabbed her bag running up to the door dancing

I laughed opening the door to see kale .

Where you going he said grabbing my face roughly

Let me go I mumbled

Get yo ass back in the house he said grabbing my arm

Let go of my mommy Airel cried

Back the fuck up he yelled pushing her

Don't put yo hands on my daughter kale I said snatching away from him

You better come back or I'm kicking yo ass he said grabbing my neck

Let go I said lowly

He looked at the people who was watching then he let me go pushing into the wall. I grabbed Airel walking to my car I got in quickly pulling off.

Once I for got to Dev house Airel started yelling his name as he got off the porch walking up to the car .

Daddy she smiled jumping in her seat.

Hi princess he smiled picking her up

I miss you so much daddy she smiled

I missed you too princess he said sitting her down

She grabbed her bag running on the porch sitting in the chair he was in

Wassup he said coming up to my window

What happened to your arm he frowned

Uh um I smashed it in the door I said looking in the car

You sure he said grabbing my face.

Yeah I said lowly

Tome on dada she yelled

I'm coming he yelled back

I gotta go....come say bye to mommy he said

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