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I woke up with a bad headache I climbed out the bed and walked over to the Door opening it.

I seen a tall figure walking towards me so I hid behind the door hopping he ain't see me

I'm not going to hurt you he said coming in the room

I looked up at him and he smiled

I'm Tristan he said

Naomi I mumbled

He tried to grab me but I flinched since I'm so use to getting hit

Listen im not go hit you okay I just want to help he said

He reached his hand toward me I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up backing up a little I got a good look at him and he was fine as hell and he was light skin


Who ever be putting they hands on this girl out they dam mind she so beautiful and her eyes pretty as hell

I called some of the guys over to chill and so we can find out who did this to her so they can suffer.

Aye Lil ma you hungry I asked

Yes she said with her head down

You want some pizza and wings I asked

Your not going to hit me she said

No I don't hit girls I said

Okay she said

We went downstairs and she sat on the couch playing with her fingers and I went to go let the guys in

Dam Tristan who this chase smiled licking his lips

Her eyes got big and she quickly walked over to me

Its okay he's not going to hurt you I said

She slowly nodded her head as we walked to the couch.

Once the rest of the boys came we talked ate pizza Naomi just sat there hiding behind me

Once Zyair came Naomi grabbed him from me and walked upstairs .

She's weird don frowned

Nah she ain't weird she just been through a lot I said

She is pretty tho he smiled.

I like her eyes tom said

I shook my head as they went on and on about what they like about her.

Once they left I turned the lights off and jogged upstairs and went to the guestroom and they both was sleep with the TV on

I turned it off then I picked Zyair up and took him to his room

I went to my room took a shower then I went to sleep


I kinda feel safe around him his friends are supper funny I didn't know he had a baby he so cute and tiny I grabbed him from Tristan and we went upstairs and watched TV until we feel asleep

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