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I smiled hugging some of my friends as more peace hugged me as people cried claiming how much they go miss me .

Naomi decided to transfer me to Harley school . since its way closer .

I still haven't talked to Dakota he been posting pictures of him and his lil fling.

I grabbed the rest of my stuff walking out . Naomi already enrolled me but I start in a couple days which is Monday

Once Naomi came I got in seeing maci and mya eating some McDonald's

You hungry she asked

No im okay me and Harley going to Buffalo Wild Wings I smiled

Okay you need some money she asked

No I'm fine sissy I smiled

Are you okay...she frowned

Naomi I'm okay I laughed hugging her

She sighed pulling into the drive way

I got out grabbing mya as she kicked her legs giggling

What's funny fat mama I laughed

She been fussy all day Naomi laughed opening the door

I stepped inside sitting mya in her little chair putting her car seat up

I went to maci room seeing her crying on her bed

Maci baby what's wrong I frowned

You hate me she cried

No I don't I frowned

You no talk or play wit me she sniffed

Im sorry baby I still love you I said

Love you too she said Hugging me

I promise when I get back we can watch movies okay i smiled

Okay she said

I kissed her cheek going to my room I jumped in the shower putting on my black leggings and my grey sweat shirt and my light purple Bailey bows and my hair in two messy buns . with my edges laid . I brushed my teeth taking some pics then I finally called Harley

Hello she said

Hey I'm ready I said

We about to pull around text me your address she said

Okay I said hanging up

After texting her I put on my new black north face jacket and grabbed my phone and my peach body con purse

I stood outside playing with my nails
A couple minutes later her dad pulled up beeping the horn . I smiled and walked up to his car getting in

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