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I kissed Mya cheek as she smiled Tristan grabbed her as she started talking gibrish waving her hand.

He shook his head sitting on the couch. I went upstairs and seen Jamie sitting on the bed holding Grayson with her computer in front of her . I smiled as she laid down rubbing his back.

Hey she smiled

Hey you okay I asked sitting next to her

Yeah just finishing my work she yawned

I nodded looking at Grayson. Once she got done she made him a bottle picking him back. Up I left out and went back downstairs seeing Tristan laying on the couch with his eyes closed.

I sat on his stomach as he started coughing

Dam girl he laughed

Get up I said Standing up

He sat up pulling me next to him.

I'm so tired I yawned

Then go take a nap the kids at school I'll stay down here with mya he said

I shook my head holding out my arms he smiled pulling me on his lap. He laid back as I laid on his chest. I looked over at mya as she slept in her rocker.


I woke up to kids screaming . I huffed getting up from the couch.i walked in the play room seeing toys tj and Zyair playing with thier cars and trucks..

Where's Maci I asked

She's upstairs sleeping mommy she threw up today tj said

I nodded going upstairs to her room. She laying on the bed while dox McStuffins played on the tv screen.

Hey baby you okay I asked

Yeah me just ate too much candy she laughed

Awe okay where's Tristan I asked

He in da room she smiled

I nodded leaving out. I walked in jamie room seeing her sleep next Grayson .

I picked him up laying him in his crib.

Jamie I yelled in her ear

Oh my gosh why are you yelling she wined

I don't know I shurrgged

Can harely come over she smiled

Sure I nodded leaving out

I went to our room.finally seeing him sleep on the bed I laid next to him . Kissing his neck as he moved around in his sleep.. he rolled over on top of me laying on my chest. I played in his hair as he finally woke up mugging me

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