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Be good for daddy baby I cooded rubbing Grayson small hand

Ight man move he mugged pushing

Hater I mumbled

Where you going anyways he mugged

To get my nails done and maybe shopping I said fixing my shirt.

You need some money he said

No I said shaking my head

Come here real quick he said taking something out his pocket

What I wined

Here he said giving me $500 dollars

No babe I said

Take it he said pulling off

I huffed putting the money in my pocket.

I went in the house and got dressed. I chilled with Maci and the boys for a while then harely and this pretty brown skin girl came with her sister

Jamie this is Josiah girlfriend adurey and her sister Ava. I'mma try to be friendly just for my best friend.

I smiled waving my hand

And I'm not his girlfriend she said smiling

Mhm explain thoes hickeys then after y'all rode together she laughed


I smiled looking at my beautiful nails

Jamie nails↓↓↓

Harely nails↓↓

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