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Jamie get up Naomi yelled pushing me

No go away I wined

Its time. For school.she fussed

I got out if bed going in my bathroom I turned on the hot shower taking off my clothes putting  them in the little bin .

I stayed in the shower for about 30 more minutes . I turned the water off  wrapping my towel around my body.

I dried off putting on my love pink under wear and my matching bra

( pretend like that's the I phone 7 plus)

I brushed my teeth and washed my face once my clothes was on I grabbed my book bag and my shoes going downstairs seeing Naomi in the kitchen eating some bacon and eggs .

I want some I said licking my lips

No I'll buy you food come on she said

I smiled slipping on my shoes as we got in the car pulling off

We stopped at McDonald's and got me  breakfast platter and a caramel frappe

We finally pulled up to school seeing a bunch of people standing outside .

I took a deep breath before getting out I looked back seeing Naomi car already gone . I sighed walking up the steps opening the door. I finally found the office getting my schedule .

I texted harely and she came a couple minutes later hugging me . I smiled as we walked to my locker . which was upstairs  by this loud ass classroom.

Dakota get here yet I asked

Mhm he in ms. Nip room you have Mr. Paul class with me and cam she said

I nodded as she grabbed my arm pulling me to this brown door which had a keep calm poster on it .

Hi you must be Jamie he said

Uh yeah I said

Find a seat he said

I followed harely sitting next to her as she ate some candy

I'll be back talk and all y'all asses getting in trouble he mugged

I laughed almost spitting my food out

I want some she said

I passed her the rest of the platter as she gave me my chips and some candy

You got yo clothes I said

No my mom go drop them off at yo house she said

Okay I said giving her some of my frappe .

Do yall even know each other some ugly bitch said

Yup this my best friend I said smartly

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