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What if she don't like me Naomi sighed

Trust me she will I smiled

I hope so she said

I turned up the radio and let the window down some once we made it we got out and she grabbed zyair and we walked up to the door knocking as Naomi hid behind me grabbing my shirt

Hey baby my mom smiled

Hey mama I said kissing her cheek

Where my baby she frowned

I moved out the way and Naomi smiled at my mom

Oh aren't you pretty my mom said

Thanks so are you she smiled back

Come in she said stepping to the side

We walked in and sat on the couch

So are you dating my son she asked

No but where really good friends she said

Oh does he treat you right she asked

Oh yes Tristan is very nice to me we get along very well she nodded

He better unless he don't want his butt beat she said

They kept talking about boring stuff so I went outside and sat on the porch as two cars pulled up

I got up and went in the house and they where looking at my baby pictures

Mama really I sighed

I shook my head as some of my girl cousins walked in and some of my aunties

Everybody was having a good time the food was good zay stayed with Naomi all day every time someone would try and grab him he'll grab her shirt or start crying.

I was talking to some of my cousins when Naomi walked over to me wrapping her small arms around me.

You good I asked

Mhm I'm just tired she yawned

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