I'm His Escape by da_trill_1
I'm His Escapeby da_trill_1
Kyla Morris is 17 year old girl with a tough household she lives with her crackhead mother and boyfriend. She take care of her 5 year old little brother. what happens wh...
  • thuglove
  • kingpin
  • drama
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Baby Mama  by diorbrat
Baby Mama by JODIE
Isis ended up having a one night stand with A'Jai Black a kingpin but with a unexpected turn her life was turned around with her becoming pregnant with his child. What...
  • thug
  • generalfiction
  • hurt
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Rolling Loud by shay--m
Rolling Loudby Unexpected_Error
"You Mine And I Take Care Of Mines Ma" Read It And Weep ----- ⚠️MATURE CONTENT⚠️
  • freaky
  • violent
  • shooting
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A KingPins BabyMama { Urban Novel } by diamondlovesbooks123
A KingPins BabyMama { Urban Novel }by diamondlovesbooks123
This is Tanya an 17 year old who has all the right curves in all the right places. Tanya's Moms is a junkie who owes a huge debt to a kingpins who could give no fucks if...
  • teen
  • kingpin
  • teenfiction
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Hood Princess by its_ya_girl_tete
Hood Princessby its_ya_girl_tete
A regular shmegular degular girl from Baltimore ?
  • thuglove
  • teambreezy
  • lucascoly
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Kidnapped By A Thug by diorbrat
Kidnapped By A Thugby JODIE
What happens when Normani Walker the princess of the Southside get kidnapped by Santana the Kingpin. #1 urban : June 2018 Started: May 2018 Finished: June 2018
  • pain
  • thug
  • urban
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For The Cash by Z__Leoo
For The Cashby Z._leo
18 yearsold Kamari is finished her 4 years of highschool and is now looking forward to college but there's no college if you have no cash. Kamari was born in Detroit Mic...
  • thuglove
  • strippers
  • cash
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Being With A Thug by LoveLoveloveydovey
Being With A Thugby LoveLoveloveydovey
Just read, you won't be disappointed.
  • urban
  • lovestory
  • thickness
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Nobody Knows by QueenSavages
Nobody Knowsby QueenSavages
Even though she was way under aged for him they fell in love. This means that they have to keep it on the down low. When people see them together they pretend to be brot...
  • thuglove
  • rich
  • thug
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Hood Love by lilbandrunner
Hood Loveby lilbandrunner
It's crazy how one wrong number can change so many things.
  • clarencenyc
  • thug
  • thuglove
To the wheels fall off by asvpmirry
To the wheels fall offby asvpmirry
17 year lonni just moved from Nashville to New York City. Her whole life is turned upside down by June one of the biggest drug dealers in NY. He's a senior and when they...
  • hoodlove
  • drugs
  • fiction
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Saved By A Thug by queen_bee30
Saved By A Thugby queen_bee30
My mom hates me, and blames me for everything that goes wrong in her life. My day would consist of going to school and getting bullied, only to go home and get abused...
  • urban
  • saved
  • love
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My Mistakes  by Z__Leoo
My Mistakes by Z._leo
*@Z__Leoo* Zamia is 17 finishing her last year in high school. Zamia isn't your average girly outgoing and ratchet girl she's more laid back chill and quiet. She is very...
  • babies
  • mistake
  • thuglove
Tears of a Clown by Kee_DaGreat
Tears of a Clownby Kee_DaGreat
Is it possible to love when you've never been loved? How do you know the feeling? How can you differentiate between love and hate when the person that was supposed to lo...
  • chicklit
  • lies
  • streetlit
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Princess of The Dope Game by Summersss_Beauty
Princess of The Dope Gameby Beautiful 🤤Summersss
This story is about a seventeen-year-old girl name Rosemary Santiago. Rosemary is known for her fiery attitude, beautiful face and banging body. Although her name is Ro...
  • thug
  • thuggette
  • violince
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My Deal With The Devil by bbb_xx
My Deal With The Devilby 🤫
He staggers back holding his jaw then wipes he's nose with his other hand. "Bitch" he spits his eyes turning black with anger. "What's wrong Princess...
  • guns
  • thuglove
  • teenfiction
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The Thug From My Dream by The_Little_Onee
The Thug From My Dreamby The_Little_Onee💭
Posted on 8/10/17 Read and find out, you PROLLY won't regret it It's about thugs, kidnapping, kingpins, sex allat shit
  • fights
  • thuglove
  • urban
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Can't get enough  by Kyaiden
Can't get enough by Ky Aiden
"When a good thing goes bad it's not the end of the world" -Drake
  • thug
  • fanfiction
  • thuglove
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Sinful Roads  by TasiaBryantJordan
Sinful Roads by ταу ταу
"In this life of sin, most people are just looking to get rich, fück and brag. Me? I was just looking to survive. Get up each day and live what complicated of a lif...
  • abuse
  • freaky
  • hardtimes
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Possibility //A$ap Rocky Story// by Hot_topic_jada
Possibility //A$ap Rocky Story//by خوبصورت پاگلپن
"Get her"I heard them yell. I ran as fast as I could and made it to my truck. I unlocked it and got inside and then locked the door. I tried to turn on the car...
  • urban
  • rakim
  • engagement
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