Our secret.  by xaanpac
Our secret. by m. herbo
I didn't think this would happen, out of all the people this completely caught me by surprise and not only am I confused, I think I might like it. What will people say a...
  • thugromance
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  • melanin
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I'm His Escape by da_trill_1
I'm His Escapeby da_trill_1
Kyla Morris is 17 year old girl with a tough household she lives with her crackhead mother and boyfriend. She take care of her 5 year old little brother. what happens wh...
  • hood
  • drama
  • thuglove
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Ghetto Fabulous  by belizeandolll
Ghetto Fabulous by SLAT🐍
  • gangstalove
  • thuglove
  • aaliyahjay
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Friends with benefits by urbanwhore
Friends with benefitsby 😽.
When College girl Autumn meets Drug dealing Killa at a party everything changes, Killa has his hoes and Autumn feels she "just" gotten out of an relationship...
  • explicit
  • drunk
  • love
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The Thug From My Dream by The_Little_Onee
The Thug From My Dreamby The_Little_Onee💭
Posted on 8/10/17 Read and find out, you PROLLY won't regret it It's about thugs, kidnapping, kingpins, sex allat shit
  • love
  • fights
  • romance
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Rolling Loud by shay--m
Rolling Loudby Unexpected_Error
"You Mine And I Take Care Of Mines Ma" Read It And Weep ----- ⚠️MATURE CONTENT⚠️
  • shooting
  • thuglove
  • violent
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DOPEBOY  by iamtherealprincess_
DOPEBOY by Therealprincess🎀💞_
Armoni Louis is a 18 girl that get beaten by her dad since her mom die two day before her 7 birthday Her dad beat her and sexually abused her because he feel that she...
  • lilbaby
  • hate
  • hood
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Kidnapped By A Thug by guccihot
Kidnapped By A Thugby 𝐉𝐎𝐃𝐈𝐄
What happens when Normani Walker the princess of the Southside get kidnapped by Santana the Kingpin. #1 urban : June 2018 Started: May 2018 Finished: June 2018
  • love
  • pain
  • gắng
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Still Down by DaygoProductions
Still Downby DaygoProductions 🧡
Two long time best friends are separated when one goes to prison on a petty drug charge. Deandré Williams left his best friend Tamika Fields behind when he had to spend...
  • hoodromance
  • bestfriends
  • romance
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I changed you💕 by SandraCox543
I changed you💕by Aniya & lacey
Zoniques mother and father passed away when she was just 15 she was left with her little sister Zion, she never really did have time for a man in her life. She was alway...
  • romance
  • mature
  • hoodlove
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Blood Bound  by issavibeeeee
Blood Bound by issavibeeeee
Inmate-#14A5473 Camille Royel A.K.A "Luna" was a 21 year old Felon. Camille wasn't your typical average female ,She came with baggage ,You can take a guess by...
  • romance
  • bandhuntaizzy
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His Down Bitch by JessicaBruhh
His Down Bitchby JessicaBruhh
Analee was always treated like a baby with her father, she just wanted to be free, her father was so protective he had bodyguards watching over her. Will she ever stop b...
  • overprotective-father
  • druglord
  • thuglove
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GOLD by Alasia15
GOLDby humble goddess 🦋
sin and her big brother saint has been looking for his bestfriend for years . They stopped looking they couldn't take it anymore, but what if he came back into their liv...
  • love
  • drugdealer
  • wattys2018
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Serrender Serenity by she-that-savage21
Serrender Serenityby she-that-savage21
Talk about a bad ass bitch
  • stripperlove
  • bitch
  • hate
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Baby Mama  by guccihot
Baby Mama by 𝐉𝐎𝐃𝐈𝐄
Isis ended up having a one night stand with A'Jai Black a kingpin but with a unexpected turn her life was turned around with her becoming pregnant with his child. What...
  • thug
  • urbanfiction
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Beating The Odds [Completed] by Trapaveliii
Beating The Odds [Completed]by Trapavelii🇭🇹
Nyeli Jade Rossi is a young woman that is torn between her past and future. Her past keeps hunting her because of her parents lifestyle. She meets a ruthless drug deal...
  • teen
  • love
  • independent
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Concrete Rose (Dave East) by dee_rae
Concrete Rose (Dave East)by Desho
"Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Provin nature's laws wrong it learned how to walk without havin feet. Funny, it seems to by kee...
  • death
  • love
  • paisli
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Suri Sloan (Dave east) by 50ShadesofAlsina
Suri Sloan (Dave east)by The Official Ricia.
Suri Sloan (S-uh-re/ Sl-own) . "Get out man Suri, I don't want you here no more." "Kade you said you'll always be there for me, you told me you LOVE me!&q...
  • hood
  • 50shades
  • blackwoman
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Thugs Can Love by YaGirl-Kiah
Thugs Can Loveby Kiah💍🖤
Xavier is a big time thug who takes care of his 13 year old twin sisters and his grandma but there is a big family secret that turns his whole world upside down. All at...
  • thugs
  • lovestory
  • romance
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Tapped In • Ybn Nahmir Story by dazedbiracial
Tapped In • Ybn Nahmir Storyby Kaylee ☆
I "attempted" to hug Nahmir from behind, before he pushed me by my chest and pointed his gun at me. I put my shaky hands up as surrender, before he realized wh...
  • breakup
  • fanfiction
  • highschool
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